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NASA’s “Perseverance” nuclear-powered Mars rover was launched and brought a helicopter

This article is from WeChat official account:Tencent Space (ID: qqtaikong), author: Joe Hui, from the title figure: vision China At 19:50 on July 30, 2020, Beijing time, a “Cosmic God Five” (Atlas-V) launch vehicle The Cape Canaveral Space Base in the United States was launched into space, this time it was carried by NASA’s Perseverance(Perseverance) nuclear-powered Mars The car is expected to arrive on Mars in February next year. The.. Read More

Forefront | Dingxiangyuan releases corporate business strategy to build a B2D2C pharmaceutical digital marketing system

addingleft-2″> First of all, pharmaceutical companies can use the Dingxiangyuan Forum, Dingxiang Talents, and medication assistants as promotion channels to accurately reach the group of doctors. Dingxiangyuan Forum is the largest doctor community in China. Dingxiang Talents has published more than 60,000 clinical medicine-related positions and has more than 2.2 million professional resumes. Medication Assistant is a professional application for doctors under Dingxiangyuan, which has been included. Thousands of drug.. Read More

Interviewed thousands of young consumers and discovered ten unique consumption phenomena

This article comes fromWeChat public account: Qingshan Capital (ID: cyanhillvc), author: Aoyama investment research center, drawing from the title: vision China Introduction In the first half of 2020, there have been many major natural, political, economic, and cultural events at home and abroad, most of which have been called the rare occurrence in a century. One wave after another has not settled. These events are not only related to everyone’s.. Read More

“Dig and go”, why can’t SMIC retain people?

The competition of chips is essentially a competition of talents. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “AI Frontline” (ID: ai-front), author : Liu Yan. Behind SMIC’s high profile, which is regarded as “the hope of the whole village”, there are risks and the lack of talent is one of its shortcomings. Does less money do more? SMIC’s employee turnover rate exceeds TSMC by 5 times “SMIC.. Read More

Is this the strongest text generation AI in history really going to be refined?

This article is from WeChat official account:Xin Zhiyuan (ID: AI_era), editor: Meng Jia, Bai Feng, head picture from: “She Her” movie screenshot The epidemic in the first half of the year has forced many friends and lovers to be separated from each other. I am in Haidiantou, and you are at the end of Chaoyang. I think about you every day and never see you. I can only… At this.. Read More

Dare to invest in black technology, ten years after the layout, Dexun Investment: give more room to the dream of changing the world

Everyone has their own expectations and judgments for the future, which determine their career choice and direction. Venture capital institutions also have unique judgments about the future, which often determines where an investment institution invests its money. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Decent Capital” (ID: decentcapital2007), author: Kuehne & Nagel investment. Everyone has their own expectations and judgments for the future, which determine their career.. Read More

What is the feeling of accessory breast

In life, some women are often troubled by accessory breasts. Accessory breasts are excess breasts, which are distributed under the armpits or pre-axillary areas. Some have nipples and breast tissues, and some do not have nipples but breast tissues. What is the feeling of accessory breasts? Accessory breast is a kind of underdeveloped tissue. Like normal breasts, after being affected by sex hormones, premenstrual pain will also occur Circumstance, but.. Read More

The mystery of the corpse in the suitcase

Zhao Daming is the flight attendant of carriage 17. The train was stopped for a day and night due to the disaster caused by the earthquake. It was already midnight when the train passed through a small town not far from the earthquake zone. There were few people who got off the train and boarded the train. There were fewer people. Just when the door was about to close, a.. Read More

How to change “old stubbornness”?

“Changing behavior is like launching a space rocket.” This article comes fromWeChat Official Account: Business Review (ID : shangyepinglun) , author: Dan Ariely (Dan Ariely), Duke University (Duke University) James B. psychology and behavioral economics Duke Chair Professor. The picture of the title comes from: Visual China In the face of the virus, humans are not able to deal with it. Long before the epidemic hit, the gap between our.. Read More

Relocated school site

Walking from my home to the mountain, you will pass two schools. The first school is Hongqi Township Central School, where my primary school is. After about half an hour walk inside, it is the fourth school in Hongqi Township. The village primary school, I have also been to this school. It is not very big. A circular two-story classroom surrounds the playground. In fact, I heard people say that.. Read More