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The derailment, the Chinese are wilder than you think

This article is from WeChat official account:NetEase Digital Reading (ID: datablog163) , author: Yan Yu, design: Li Xuting, Nan Yang, head of FIG. source: “thirty andAlready” The TV series “Thirty Only” is over. The crusade against derailment is not over yet. Even if you open any social platform, you can always scold “Scumbag” Xu Huanshan and “Green Tea” Lin Youyou’s passion Speak. The last time that netizens across the country.. Read More

Will cervical resection age prematurely?

The cervix is ​​a part of a woman’s body and has a certain impact on women’s pregnancy. If a woman’s cervix has a problem, it will affect their fertility. Therefore, women should always protect their cervical health and do not ignore cervical problems. But some people want to know, will women age earlier after cervical resection? The problem of female body aging is actually controlled by the ovaries in the.. Read More

Real ghost press

It happened a few weeks ago. I was surfing the Internet at home. It was almost 2:00 at that time. I thought it was late, so I was going to bed. When I turned off the computer, I climbed into the bed. Because I like to sleep on my stomach, I fell asleep on my stomach and put the quilt on my head. I didn’t fall asleep soon. At first,.. Read More

The emperor who beat twenty

  Why is the emperor extravagantly spanked, what is it? At the beginning of the Jin Dynasty, the family background was too thin, and even the palace was built as quietly as the bandits. In the spirit of economy, Jin Taizu Wanyan Aguda solemnly made an oath with the officials: The property in the treasury can only be used during war. If someone breaks the oath, no matter if he is.. Read More

Musk, the richest pauper

from qubit herein, of: Guhao Nan, fish sheep. The soaring momentum of Tesla’s stock price is simply astonishing. In just one month, the market value has soared from a staggering US$190 billion to US$270 billion. More than the combined market value of Toyota, Volkswagen and Hyundai. According to Bloomberg News, Elon Musk’s net worth has soared to $74.2 billion. Overtaken Buffett on the billionaire rankings. In this regard, Bloomberg said.. Read More

Magic Shanghai Second-hand Community

This article from the micro-channel public number: really makes Rousseau (ID: zhenjiaolujun0426), Author: Rousseau really makes the team An article was posted on the public account last week about visiting the prototype of the “Pine Cage Walled City” in the Xing Ye Kung Fu movie-Longchang Apartment in Yangpu District. Afterwards, I saw fans commenting in the backstage: “Jiu Ting’s subway is built on Jiujiu Youth City. What is the chaos?.. Read More