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Ghost myth

After dinner, sit lightly beside the bamboo beam, smell the autumn breeze, whirling the branches and leaves, and the birds singing in the mountains. That beautiful figure sat down beside me. I looked at the far-reaching sky and pondered for a while, then looked up at the clear jade eyes. I curiously asked her why I am here, who would she be, and where is this place? She moved her.. Read More

Forefront丨This year’s largest Chinese concept stock is about to go public, what is the new value of shells?

, 100 million US dollars and 400 million US dollars. Some of Shell’s existing shareholders and third-party investors have agreed to subscribe for at least US$800 million in ADS. In terms of market subscription, Futu data shows that as of 15:00 on August 11, the number of people who subscribed for shells through Futu Securities has exceeded 23,000. The most concerned thing about shells going to the U.S. is “Bleeding.. Read More

Flower Author: Hawthorn breeze

Editor’s note: Flower Fairy, a deadly poison. Women, in order to get revenge, change from a goddess to a female devil, everything lives by heart, and ultimately harms others and herself. The decisive tragedy, the endless lies and designs after the tragedy, are lost in the world of revenge. The interlocking, wonderful plot, fascinating, and profound reflection of human nature. I always believe that if you live a lifetime of.. Read More

China Overseas Daily|Lufax plans to go to the US for an IPO, raising US$2 billion; Microsoft plans to invest US$100 million in Paytm

And, Youzan launched an “international version” product plan to recruit overseas e-commerce companies to participate in internal testing; SoftBank Group announced a new investment plan of US$10 billion. Welcome to follow the WeChat official account (ID: wow36krchuhai) to obtain cutting-edge information and understand new global trends in time. Scan the QR code at the end of the article to follow and join the overseas community to meet global business partners… Read More

What does “One Mirror in the End” bring to “1917”?

This article is from WeChat official account:Gyro movie (ID: toroscope), author: Enlightening, editor: cool dog, drawing from the title:” 1917 “still Editor’s preface No one will disagree. “1917”, which will be shown in theaters on August 7, is a movie that must be seen in the theater. In fact, I don’t want to spend too much effort to “recommend” this movie. In the “story” link that most theater audiences value.. Read More

Psychic eye

Reprimanded: “You shouldn’t have come here, the boring girl. My granddaughter hasn’t grown up yet and needs your care. Do you want to shirk the responsibility of being a mother? Don’t let me see you again. , Go home quickly!” Without Rong Mingli’s words, his father was already floating on the surface of the river. “Father—Father—!” Ming Li yelled toward the surface of the river, and the river was surging,.. Read More

What skills should be mastered for entry-level data analysts

If you can clarify the above four points, it is considered a complete entry and has the potential to advance to the next level. Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “ground gas school” (ID: gh_ff21afe83da7) , of: The down-to-earth teacher Chen. Many students are confused: I want to be a data analyst, but I learned a lot of ESP software operations, read a lot of statistics and.. Read More

Misunderstood 300 years of sperm swimming method

It’s the same as swimming with one side of the body-but at the same time, it is very “witty” spinning around in the direction of swimming. This offsets the asymmetry caused by the one-way swing, making it rotate forward like a wine corkscrew. The sperm precesses strongly (frontal view of the head). The red track behind is the projection of a fixed point on the tail. |Polymaths Lab From the.. Read More

Ominous black dress

be lost? The old man seemed not to understand, and he seemed to be responding to Xiao Mei’s question, squeaking in response, Xiao Mei was walking, but the old man followed Xiao Mei, Xiao Mei felt very strange, how could there be such an old man , Is it because my ears are not good and I still can’t talk? When I was thinking about it, I obviously felt that.. Read More

This is the only travel that can bankrupt the rich.

To go to space, it really costs tens of millions of dollars, and you can only go to the International Space Station through the Russian Soyuz. In addition to the sky-high ticket price (20 million to 40 million US dollars), months of weightlessness training, the moment they board the spacecraft, they will also have an experience that they have never had on earth-calf trembling. No matter how smart these billionaires.. Read More