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Suicide Author: Yen Chen

Editor’s note: The delicate and elegant light narrative, with a hazy haze covering the story, makes it impossible to see the whole picture. The author’s pen is delicate and elegant, narrating a weird and bizarre story about the protagonist’s heart. This may be because the protagonist is too melancholy, always thinking about some fantasy things, the story is happening on top of this. The taste of it can only be.. Read More

Fried skewers

[Text/Linyi Zhang Yiming/Short Ghost Story] The sky gradually darkened, like a black footcloth, covering this small town with incomplete fingers tightly. I took a hard breath, and the air filled the air. There was a smell of rotten salted fish. I don’t know who started to secretly fry salted fish again. I frowned, “Gululu…” My stomach was crying hard. I was hungry and hadn’t eaten for two days. I licked.. Read More


一 Along with the gurgling water of the Fujiang River, the silver-gray moonlight is spreading over the flat rice fields that are gradually turning green soon after transplanting, and of course the rows of bougainvillea on both sides of the bank Slightly paint the top with a bright color. Gou-mei sat on the concrete pier at the washing port downstream of the draft tube of the power station, staring at.. Read More

Gome “make up class”, Xiang Hailong “class”

Produced | Tiger Sniffing Business Group Author| Liu Ran Title map| Visual China Huang Guangyu’s first big move after his return has appeared-on August 13, Gome announced the establishment of Gome Online Platform Company and appointed Xiang Hailong (Formerly Senior Vice President of Baidu, President of Search Company) is the CEO of an online platform company, fully responsible for the company’s operation and management, and directly in charge of the.. Read More

Ghost Festival Talking about Ghosts-Ghost House

Editor’s note: Lonely spirits and wild ghosts attached to the woman’s body, hurting many girls, the leftover dog finally reunited with Wan’er, and no one lived in the house. Concise writing, looking forward to masterpieces! It’s almost 15th July. Because parents are old, the task of returning home to worship the ancestors falls on the shoulders of our young people, walking in the long-lost village, watching the rows New houses,.. Read More

Ghost lantern

We should have seen lanterns when we were young. Every Chinese New Year or important festivals, every household will hang a lantern, which means auspicious and festive. However, the more festive and auspicious things, if they are not used for a long time, they will attract some Something unclean, my friend Jin Yufei encountered this. Jin Yufei is a native of Gaoyou. The double-yolk eggs there are well-known at home.. Read More

Water Ghost Revenge

Since Li Sheng got married, his wife Liu Li knew that he was afraid of water. Not only did he not dare to take a bath in the swimming pool, but he was even a little trembling when he washed his hands and took a bath. Liu Li told him several times, but Li Sheng was still the same . Fortunately, his son is not like Li Sheng. Li Dongsheng’s.. Read More

People want faces, ghosts want skins

The owner of the skin is as beautiful as possible. Zhang Wanwan ordered the family to buy the first four things, and he went out to find beautiful human skins. Coincidentally, as soon as Zhang Wanwan went out, he met a father and daughter who had come from a foreign country. The girl looked like a fairy. Zhang Baiwan was moved, and before the father and daughter met other people,.. Read More

Daughter red

Li Dong is the most famous brewing master near the capital, especially his daughter red, which is not only delicious in color and fragrance, but also the best wine that is hard to find. On this day, another city prince came to buy Li Dong’s daughter red, but it was long gone. At first, the man thought it was Li Dong who refused to sell him because of the lack.. Read More


Yun Hao is a man with a lot of love. He has had a lot of love affair, but it will not last long. But even if every girl knew it, she couldn’t help but stick to him. He is not very rich, but his handsome appearance attracts many ladies. Xi Yan is one of them. I met Yun Hao on a rainy day. That day, Xi Yan forgot to.. Read More