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Exploring the Shanghai Tesla factory: Model Y may be put into production in two months, 200 applicants flock in every week

://″ data-img-size-val=”1080,812″> Picture source/network Tesla has already had a strategic layout in the construction of the charging network. Since Tesla officially delivered the first Model S in China in April 2014, the construction of the charging network has also started almost at the same time. Li Xiang, CEO of the ideal company that just went public in the United States, also attributed Tesla’s success to the overcharge system. On August.. Read More

Why are there always men around the construction excavator?

This article is from WeChat official account:Vista sees the world (ID: vistaweek) , author: Feng Meili, head Figure from: vision China One of the signs that men are getting older is the fading of passion. An irreversible trend is that the boy next to you who walks on the road and can’t help but practises his back jumper, will one day become a middle-aged man walking on the road and.. Read More

Imp Descend

After the old man’s company, he will establish his own company. He will sign a contract with a big company next month. If the contract is successful, his career will be in full swing, so he can’t make a mistake. Moreover, he never trusted anybody, so he did it by himself, without taking the hands of anyone. The time for signing the contract came soon. After checking the contract again,.. Read More

Ghost visiting tonight

Editor’s note: Yaoyao has a tragic fate. Lu Junmei adopted Yaoyao, and Yaoyao and Lu Junmei developed a relationship, and things took a turn. Lu Junmei died at the hands of his wife, and his wife committed suicide by jumping into the river. A ghost is visiting tonight. Through the ghost’s narration, it is telling the sad love. The story behind the ghost is actually a sad story. A regretful.. Read More

The Bodhisattvas you worship may all come from Hebei

This article is from WeChat official account:Netease Upflow (ID: heyupflow) , author: Chuang Chuang, editor: not there, from the head of FIG: visual China I was dragged by my family to the temple to worship Buddha, or I passed the park and saw various iconic sculptures, and there were stone lions squatting at the door of some big families. Have you ever thought about where these stone sculptures came from?.. Read More

Why are the corporate cultures of Apple and Amazon completely different?

Once the culture is formed, it is difficult to change. When an enterprise is established three years later, if the culture formed is extremely positive, it will become the biggest source of motivation for the enterprise; otherwise, it will become the biggest obstacle to organizational development. 02 Enterprises at different stages need different cultures Is it enough to realize the importance of culture? Will we be able to land if.. Read More

Forefront丨Nokia pursues 5G, obtains $230 million in financing from Qualcomm and Google

The largest financing since HMD was established. Nokia has not withdrawn from public view in the 5G era. According to Reuters, Nokia-branded smartphone manufacturer HMD recently received $230 million in financing, funded by Google and Qualcomm. HMD is Nokia’s exclusive license to produce mobile phones and tablets. It was established in 2016 and its main founders are all from Nokia. After being taken over by HMD, Nokia, which had fallen.. Read More

The phone rings at midnight

Editor’s note: Mei Chun and Li Si had an affair, but Wang Wu discovered that Wang Wu asked Li Si to stay away from Mei Chun. Li Si apparently agreed that Mei Chun wanted to divorce Wang Wu, but Wang Wu Not giving her and another person property, for the sake of property, Mei Chun and Li Si had evil thoughts and killed Wang Wu. Finally let Xiaofang find out.. Read More

Contrary to the trend, can the new vocational education usher in new life in the reform?

From 2018 to May 2020, it is the capital winter, but in the field of vocational education, the financing amount from March to May has increased month by month. In April, it increased by 29 times. In May, it increased again by 73% on this basis. In the past two months, the vocational education track has also frequently received financing. So, can the “new vocational education” under the digital background.. Read More