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A coin

br/>I saw that the road I was walking was too unfamiliar, so I asked my brother quietly, “What is this road?” I didn’t expect my brother’s answer to almost make me feel angry. My brother looked confused. Said to me: “I don’t know what road this is. I have never walked it. I have been to the western suburbs many times but I have never seen such a narrow and.. Read More

Night fox demon

The road will come soon. “ So I continued to move forward with strong fighting spirit. The road conditions were still very poor, with continuous uphills and downhills. Not only that, but there seemed to be more weeds under my feet. The less it looked like the road! I was so tired that I threw the car and sat on a broken rock and panted. I wiped the sweat off.. Read More

Undead in the wheat field

> I took a couple of sips and didn’t get anything. It was choking anyway. I really don’t want to smoke and I want to leave. To be honest, sitting on an inexplicable machine well with a weird patient like Uncle Yu on a dark night is really shocking. Seeing that Uncle Friends refused to follow me, I wanted to go back and notify Xiaojie to pick Uncle Friends back… Read More

Weird footprints

Put your ear to the door and listen, my god, the sound of chewing is still… The door was opened, and after the light was turned on, there was nothing but the freezer with the dead body inside. , The chewing sound disappeared… “Could it be the mouse?” The wife asked in a low voice. “Impossible, how could the sound of people eating something be a mouse?” Zhao Junyu denied.. Read More

Undead under the wheel

Guide party. I couldn’t help but be stunned again. I never heard that Xiaowei’s house also has a house in the south! In any case, the old man is indeed a little confused. A taxi happened to stop by my side. I hurriedly opened the door and said to the old man: “Father, no matter where you live, please go back!” “Fei Meng, wait.” The old man stopped me suddenly,.. Read More

Headless white shadow

I finally saw the true colors of those two rows of white teeth. I took a breath of shame, covered my head with a quilt and showed my face embarrassedly. These guys have come up with some bad ideas to treat me, but how do they know what I am thinking? When I peeked my head out of the quilt again, those two rows of white teeth had disappeared. Hey!.. Read More

My horror experience

Editor’s note: It is indeed a horrible experience. After reading the text, it turns out to be creepy! The novel’s rendering of the atmosphere is in place, and the detailed description highlights the psychological fear process! Recommend more readers to read! It was a freezing season. I followed seven or eight construction workers to stay on a huge construction site. Due to the weather, work has been suspended for many.. Read More

After being short, the SEC fired another shot at iQiyi

The group THE9 has so far endorsed more than 20 brands. At the offline level, iQiyi also conducts offline marketing with the help of the IP of “China New Rap 2020” and “Trend Partners 2”. According to financial report data, in addition to advertising and membership, iQIYI’s content distribution revenue was 860.6 million yuan (approximately US$121.8 million), while other revenue reached 918.9 million yuan during the same period. As of.. Read More

Perverted Ghost School

In the plant pot of the palm, it seems to be able to see the unlucky chrysanthemum with a painful twist and blushing face. Like a dumb with a broken tongue who cannot speak in this life, the petals are randomly stuck in the hard thorns of the cactus. Above, under the pain of Qiufeng, helpless struggle with cramps. At this time, I found a blood-red weird chrysanthemum petal, very.. Read More

Digital Archway and Electronic Footwrap: What is it that restrains contemporary youth?

Why do we no longer believe in the myth of love across classes? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “type culture” (ID: mtype-cn). Anchor | Mr. Movable, Xiaotian Guests | PhD, Department of Chinese, Peking University Luo Yalin “Baoyu should work hard to protect the girls in his official career.” “”Titanic” and “Gone with the Wind” tell stories of affair” “Yang Jiuhong in “The Great Mansion”.. Read More