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Scare people

This is what the sixth person said. But I doubt its authenticity, it always feels like a movie bridge. When the sixth child was in high school, there was a classmate in his class who liked pranks. In the second year of high school, the whole class lives in an agricultural base in the suburbs. Boys all try to jump out of the wall at night, no way, nature. In.. Read More

Raise ghosts

This is what my cousin told me. My cousin is a very ordinary girl, with a mediocre family background, mediocre appearance, mediocre learning, and popularity, but she has encountered something very unusual. During the summer vacation of her junior year, this younger sister traveled to the South with a few classmates. In the county seat of a central province, she bought a very ethnic bag, bought one and get one.. Read More

Ghost husband

This is also a lonely world. I was an orphan before I was alive. I never knew where I came from, and I never knew where I would be today or tomorrow. I have no name, no relatives, and no friends. No one wants to care about me. When I was alive, they said, I am a ghost girl. It’s better now, I have become a real ghost girl. In.. Read More

ByteDance wholly acquires the container platform “Caiyun Technology”, the original team and business will join the ByteDance Volcano Engine

The acquisition of Caiyun Technology will further strengthen Bytedance’s container technology. Wen | Rui Chu Edit | Ru Qing learned that ByteDance will complete the container platform in the near future. A wholly-owned acquisition of Caicloud. Zhang Xin, CEO of Caiyun Technology, stated in the company’s full letter on July 30 that after the completion of the acquisition, Caiyun Technology’s team and business will be fully integrated into ByteDance Volcano.. Read More

Ghost Mansion Talk

I used to think that there are ghosts in the world. But later, after following my grandmother, only half-believing thoughts occurred. At the age of 12, my parents have been working outside for a long time, and I have been left unattended. My body is always in a state of health. Because of this for a long time, my parents decided to put me under the management of my grandma… Read More

The story of ghost eyes

It was almost noon that day before Ding Xiaoshan got up. He felt his head was a little flustered, but he opened the door of the room and prepared to start the day’s “business”. Suddenly, on the wall on the side of the living room, he saw a Only red eyes! It was an eyeball painted on the wall, about ten centimeters in diameter. The white of its eyes was.. Read More


Pay attention to him. These people really work overtime day and night, and are finally exhausted in front of the computer, can’t even leave if they die? Zuo Fan felt numb when he thought about it! To find out, he returned to his desk, took a wireless camera, and quietly installed it on the small window on the door of the manager’s office!

Afterlife butterfly

. The sound of the piano outside the window is broken, my imagination is absolutely beautiful. Ghost story Will you and I become butterflies? I ask you, if you don’t answer, just like the last time you talked on the phone, all you showed me was a boundless silence. Before I approach you, I must first get rid of all the flowers and plants that I know. They are.. Read More

Escape from the dead

If there is no character, I will play the role of a village girl. “c2(); I couldn’t laugh or cry. Eight hours later, we got off at Sunwu County and took an electric tricycle to Dafeng Town, thirty miles away. It was getting dark, and we came to a private hotel. I complained and said, “You tell me how to stay. “ Ma Li smiled and said, “I won’t live.. Read More

How difficult is it to become a top fund manager?

There are two main groups of fund managers, the research group who is a researcher and the combat group who is a trader. But no matter which school, they are basically dead in these majors: economics, finance, accounting, management, computer and science and engineering. The current trend is more and more towards computers and mathematics. Even as long as you are good at math, you don’t need to study finance… Read More