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Military coat

The hero of this story is an old man. Has now passed away. His acupuncture is very good. Believe in both Buddhism and Taoism–this is strange. I heard many stories from him. By the way, this old man has a very kind heart. He treats people for free, and sometimes uses his pension to buy medicine for people. Not to mention beggars. I once told him that there are professional.. Read More

Daily News | Best Group’s international business revenue nearly tripled year-on-year; Google plans to invest in ShareChat in India

Technology company FPL Technologies completed $10 million in financing. According to ET Tech, Indian financial technology company FPL Technologies recently received US$10 million in Series A investment. The lead investors are Jingwei Venture Capital and Sequoia India. The co-investor is Hummingbirds Ventures. FPL’s main business is electronic credit cards and is currently preparing to cooperate with IDFC Bank of India to promote this business nationwide. Indian short video platform Trell.. Read More

Experience the ghost hitting the wall

This topic has been written badly. But because it was my personal experience, I also wrote it. I’m half a traveler. Why do you say half of it, because I have that physical fitness but no equipment~(@^_^@)~. In 10 years, I went to Zhangjiakou and climbed a wild mountain in Dushikou. In fact, there are not only fields but also villages not far below the mountain. It’s just not developed… Read More

I really envy Londoners, there is no signal and no internet on the subway

This article is from WeChat official account:Nine lines (ID: jiuxing_neweekly), author: Jian language, edit: Er Shugong, layout: Gloria, from the title figure: vision China Since the high temperature warning was issued, the old artist has been living in his home for almost a month. To tell the truth, I’m not afraid of high temperatures. I have been “baked” for a long time. I am a native of the stove city… Read More


This story is told by the old man. From his character, I believe it is true. In other respects, I really don’t believe it. Which is true or false. Let’s judge. The old man was born in 1920. When I was 7 years old, I went to Liaoning from Shandong Province with my parents. This happened when he was ten years old. Why is he so sure of that time?.. Read More

Feng Shui

This story is still the old man’s. But I also experienced it myself. As I said, this old man believes in Buddha and believes. Feng Shui should belong to Taoism. Sometimes he will help people to watch Feng Shui, which is purely a friend’s help. But he only looked at the yang house, not the yin house. The following is the narration of the old man, plus a little description.. Read More

A Shanghai blogger who married an Indian wife: India’s charm lies in the unity of opposites between civilization and ignorance

This article comes from:Sohu knows the world , Editor: Xingchen, Wang Wuyi (intern), title picture from: interviewee With the tension of Sino-Indian relations, China’s overseas Internet products have become the target of suppression by the Indian government. Following the ban on 59 Chinese applications such as TikTok and WeChat, the international version of TikTok, in recent weeks, India announced that another 15 Chinese applications will be included in the “blacklist.”.. Read More

Aunt’s son

This is what my dad said when I went to a buddy’s house to drink. The protagonist of the story is my brother’s father’s cousin and aunt. To say that this aunt is really great, after the divorce, she has worked hard for more than ten years to bring her eldest son. This is not easy in the countryside. Unfortunately, when his son was 17 or 8 years old, he.. Read More

Flowing young people, unchanging NetEase cloud

This attempt was to bundle membership rights and high-priced tickets. As online music paid performances mature, more commercial monetization methods such as audience rewards, peripheral product sales, and brand placement will also become possible. This is a win-win attempt for musicians and users. The number of audiences that an online music performance can accommodate far exceeds that of a LiveHouse performance or even a large-scale concert. The scene design, sound,.. Read More

Chew in the shuttle bus

[Text/Linyi Zhang Yiming/Short Ghost Stories] “Have you eaten?” The newcomer Xiao Liu sat down in front of me with half a meat sandwich. On the seat in the right window, “Oh, I haven’t eaten yet.” He squeezed his mouth immediately after hearing my words. I just dealt with it casually, even if there is no meal, would you ask me to eat? Anyone can say polite remarks, but after the.. Read More