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Ghost Story of the Game

Li Ping walked up to the two clay figures Ma Liang and picked up the clay figure Ma Liang who was missing one ear and said: “This is when Teacher Ma was telling the story of the magic pen Ma Liang in class this afternoon. I squeezed Ma Liang in the mud under the desk. Because school was over and time was short, I pinched one ear less. When I.. Read More

Where did the first house for young people come from?

In China, the rise and fall of house prices are closely related to your total wealth. Otherwise, there will not be so many people who have houses on the Internet advocating that housing prices will rise, and there will not be so many young people who do not have houses sing bad news about housing prices. Some people are bullish and some are bearish, which essentially shows that the house.. Read More

“Eight Hundred” hits the record, and the film and television industry on the edge of the cliff has recovered? | Super View

In the post-epidemic era, users will pay more attention to the diversity and quality of online platform content, and the requirements for the audiovisual experience of theaters will become higher and higher. Look at business with a point of view. Super viewpoints come from the cutting-edge observations of practitioners of new business. Guests of this issue | Zheng Daosen, founder of Entertainment Capital; Gu Shuhang, CEO of CAA China Editor.. Read More

Ghost highway

Old people often say: If you see a strange car at the scene of an accident, if you don’t have a guardian, don’t be curious to spy, let alone get too close, be careful to be treated as a death in an accident. The dead ghost took away. We have a small winding road here. Because it often has car accidents and some ghost stories often happen, we all call.. Read More

This wave of “Boycott Facebook” has ended again

class=”text-remarks” label=”Note”>(The North Face) can be said to be the first big brand to join the boycott, but the company said it will withdraw from the boycott in August. A spokesperson for “North Side” said: “We are encouraged by the initial progress and realize that change is not an overnight event.” Backpack brand JanSport, sneaker brand Vans and clothing brand Puma (Puma) also ended their boycotts. Among them, Puma stated.. Read More

The male domestic violence shelter can’t stop Shenyang men from being beaten

08/27/163929354449.jpg?imageView2/2/w/1000/format/jpg/interlace/1/q/85″ data-w=”746″ data-h=”207″> In the eyes of Shenyang people, it is good not to be beaten by a wife. What is “economic violence”? Shenyang men who have nowhere to complain can get unbiased care by asking the Women’s Federation for help. When I opened the “Red Plum Shenyang Women’s Hotline” terminal book of the Shenyang Women’s Federation, it was shocking to find that in recent years, one third of the.. Read More

I come to see you tonight

Huang Yong’s face flushed with courage, and with a “pop”, the phone was smashed to pieces. Looking at my couple in the park downstairs, Huang Yong’s heart broke with the phone. “Why did you drop such a good phone?” A sweet voice came from behind, forcing Huang Yong to turn around unconsciously. c2(); In front of her stood a delicate girl with black hair in a black coat, a black.. Read More

Will young people who turn subculture into the mainstream still change the world’s definition of “success”?

When certain groups of people are low in almost all social stratification systems, the situation of the whole society will be very dangerous. The social stratification system here includes class, gender, race, etc. Take black Americans as an example. Generally speaking, black Americans are in a lower position in society in terms of class and race, forming a parallel relationship. This is very dangerous and has led to a series.. Read More


Most of the trail. Qiu Yudao looked indifferent, and set foot on a trail. From beginning to end, Qiu Yu didn’t change his expression, and didn’t even mention Lan Ruo when he came here instead of Lin Yue, which made Lan Ruo very uneasy. Lan Ruo wanted to say something several times, but he felt uncomfortable, which was quite awkward. The path twists and turns, leading to the depths of.. Read More

Encounter Ghost

Straighten up and walked forward in stride. Strange to say, the footsteps did not follow.; After having dinner the next day, Dongzi went to Shanbeichong Village to play again. When he passed by the pond, I want to see what the thorn bush was smashed into last night, but it is strange that I can’t find the thorn bush. At this moment, Dongzi felt a little bit that yesterday.. Read More