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Night Ghost Bus

It’s late at night. This is a night bus, she is sitting in the first row. Really, she thought. I really didn’t expect this new boss to be so perverted and has no concept of labor law. He often asks his employees to have meetings from nine o’clock in the evening to one or two in the middle of the night, or asks people to hurry up until midnight, and.. Read More

Double-sided mirror

1. Disappeared The last time I received Z’s text message was two months ago. The content was only a short sentence “I’m broken in love.” After that, Z didn’t hear anything, even the phone. They are all empty numbers. Although I know that her phone will definitely not get through now, I have been calling Z continuously for the past two months, but every time I hear the voice system:.. Read More


The harlot went into the bathroom, turned around and fastened the door. The bath water has already been prepared and installed in a large cypress tub. She was standing in front of two round bronze mirrors, looking at the mirrors: in the mirror stood a gorgeously dressed woman, wearing a pink embroidered silk jacket and a one-color pleated embroidered skirt with her eyelids flapping Fragrant powder, as white as a.. Read More


A thief turned into a thief ghost after he died. He passed by the ghost gate and saw two thousand gatekeepers at a glance. One was sitting on the threshold and dozing off, and the other was standing on the side of the road talking to the ghost ghost. The thief ghost secretly rejoiced and thought: Usually the ghost gate is very tightly guarded, the interrogation is very strict, and.. Read More

No ghost in elevator

It is said that elevators are no ghosts, and the people who retort are not long enough in the Great Wall, and Xiaotian insists that the elevators are no ghosts! If there are ghosts in the elevator, have you watched too many movies… “Elevator Cry”, “Devil Elevator” and other films take everyone into one suspense one after another, that is a fictional story and The plot, and it is said.. Read More

The economic sequelae of the Tibetan Mastiff: When the number of stray dogs starts to hurt people, what should we do?

This article is from WeChat official account:Story FM (ID: story_fm ), narrator: Yin Hang, producer: Xu Linfeng, text: Xu Linfeng, operation: Yichen, title picture from: original text Do you have any scary memories of dogs? For most people, stray dogs on the street are far from scary, you may find them more cute or pitiful. But today’s narrator Yin Hang, the group of stray dogs she has to face is.. Read More

The story about corpse oil

A worker told me that this is a good thing, and some people specialize in collecting corpse oil. The former Cixi used corpse oil for skin care and wrinkle removal. Most people still don’t need it. Grandpa heard it straight away. Everyone is dead, and we should respect the deceased. This thing, even if you can spend money on alcohol, grandpa won’t do this wicked thing, let alone skin care… Read More

Why do we hug if we are not happy?

This article is from WeChat official account:NOWNESS now (ID: NOWNESS_OFFICIAL) , author: Lara, from the head of FIG: Begin Again (2013) Google the question “How many hugs do people need every day”, and the answer that popped out was 8. The results of scientific research have proven countless times that the brain secretes oxytocin when hugging and touching with a close person(Oxytocin is also known as the ” The hormone.. Read More

Scary Ghost Story Hair

When Zhou Xiao’s cell phone rang suddenly, he was looking at Zhang Wenrui in the rushing river. Zhang Wenrui’s head fell together in the rushing river. She looked at Zhou Xiao with eyes mixed with fear and resentment. She choked on a few salivas and couldn’t speak out anymore. Her hair was like a drop of thick ink in the rushing river, leaving Zhou Xiao’s sight little by little. Zhou.. Read More

In the second half of 2020, what kind of professionals have more opportunities?

Keep Acting in the Right Direction Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “What you know about the workplace” (ID: zchnz2020) , author: Ray first Sen. Today’s theme: thinking against the trend Tonight, to talk about the topic of growth against the trend, I am not here to make up stories for you, but I personally understand it, just like the stock market, a person cannot always.. Read More