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At the scene of my sister’s group formation, end this summer riding the wind and waves

The light rain in Changsha did not extinguish the fans’ enthusiasm for the final of “Sister Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves”. The live broadcast started at 8 o’clock, and fans were waiting at the gate of the stadium with umbrellas two hours in advance. They came from various places just to witness the night of their sister’s debut. The moment when Tranquility, Wan Qian, Meng Jia, Li Sidani,.. Read More

Everything in this world is related to money, except time

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There are “eyes” in the window: Will I be stolen or peeped by a 100x zoom phone?

To what extent can a 100x zoom phone achieve? “IT Times” reporters tested in a number of actual scenes and found that the 14-story building was “peeped”, the QR code was “stolen”, and the smart door lock was “cracked”. It can be done under certain conditions. When the 100x zoom becomes the standard configuration of future flagship phones, when the black-produced telephoto phones are converted into illegal cameras, and when.. Read More

Reading | The purpose of studying economics is to learn how not to be fooled by economists

This book introduces thirteen scholars who have an important position in the history of economic thought, so that readers can use this book to understand the key figures and main sources of thought in the history of economic thought. This book introduces readers to the lives and works of the most influential economists in modern times. There is no tedious economic terminology and linear equations that make people feel clouded… Read More

The product manager of a financial company revealed the secret: a fraud routine that deceived millions of calls from one phone call

Those who want SMS verification codes are all scammers; Anything that requires you to pay first (no matter where you pay or who you pay) is a liar; As a platform, the basic knowledge points of anti-fraud: Ensure that the information of the business operator is true; Ensure that it is done by yourself; The core idea of ​​this case: blocking. Deception and deception occur when the two parties “cooperate”.. Read More

Behind the arrogance of the gold-sucking behemoth in the Premier League is the difficulty of realizing domestic broadcast rights

What is right is not profitable, and what is profit is not reasonable. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “FN Business” (ID: FN-24H), author : Wufu. Both sides insisted on the saying “I broke up first, and the other side was wrong.” It was very unfriendly between the lines, leaving no room for “continuing the front.” On the evening of September 3, Beijing time, the Premier.. Read More

Legal Issues Behind China’s First Transgender Equal Employment Rights Case (Part 1)

In addition to the negative, the difference between the two cases lies in: In the judgments of the employees of that used the “labor dispute dispute” case, the word “discrimination” was mentioned ten times. The judge even spent a considerable amount of time calling for people to accept modern society. The “rich and pluralistic”, respect for “the personality, dignity and legitimate rights of transgender people.” But in fact, labor.. Read More

Why did Zoom win the video conference competition? There are six advantages

It’s not just Zoom, it is generally believed that online meetings will continue to exist. Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology, review: Golden Deer. Why is Zoom suddenly emerging? Financial analysts usually provide a variety of fascinating charts and spreadsheets that give irrefutable facts that indicate that the company is overvalued or undervalued. On September 4, after announcing strong results for the second quarter of 2021, the stock.. Read More

My cousin asked me if I wanted to make money. I thought it was a part-time job, but it turned out to be so wild?

Reality is more terrifying than imagination! Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “electricity supplier headlines” (ID: ecxinwen) , Author: I am Fengqing. Cousin asked me if I want to make money The cousin who gave birth to a child at the beginning of the year almost never chats with me online. Recently, she suddenly asked on WeChat: Brother, do you want to make money? Make money?.. Read More

The most inexistent country in Europe, please don’t waste it

This article is from WeChat official account:Nine lines (ID: jiuxing_neweekly), author: old artists, from head Figure: unsplash On July 1, Georgia reopened to foreign tourists. It was the first country in the world to officially announce the resumption of inbound travel. This country that once became a new Internet celebrity because of low consumption and high cost performance is called “God’s back garden“. Georgia is called “God’s Back Garden”/unsplash From.. Read More