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Why can’t Nintendo get out of the valuation trap?

This article comes fromWeChat official account: The Great Filter (ID: TheGreatFilter), author: Ang West Xiang, Producer: TGF team, drawing questions from the visual China Introduction As the top developer of consumer electronics, Nintendo should probably imitate Apple the most. But it is still far from being done. The most important difference between the two is: Apple sells hundreds of millions of hardware every year, and its hundreds of billions of.. Read More

Cai Ming: Y2K Spice Girl Godmother

This article is from WeChat official account:Road shop (ID: zailushangzazhi), head image source: Road shop In “I Love My Home”, Yan Hong, who has confused Jia Zhixin’s date, is wearing a red tights stitched with transparent materials and is discussing the topic of pioneering gender after the end of the world. Coupled with the futuristic butterfly hairstyle, Lady Gaga is more than 20 years earlier. Jia Zhixin: I am the.. Read More

Market News | Haitong Strategy: Technology is still the main line of the industry, bank real estate sector needs to focus on in the fourth quarter

How long will the “transformation and upgrading of cattle” last? In the first half of the year, with the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the main line of A-shares revolved around the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and technology industries with phased increases, refreshing the high level during the year. 7Since the month, the market structure has gradually changed, with semiconductor, vaccine, liquor, and soy sauce stocks rising.Bit correction,.. Read More

When do men secrete oxytocin

Women secrete oxytocin to induce uterine contractions during childbirth, which has the effect of accelerating labor. During breastfeeding, the baby will also suck the breast It stimulates the appearance of oxytocin, but oxytocin is not a patent for women. Men also secrete oxytocin. So when do men secrete oxytocin? Men usually also secrete a certain amount of oxytocin. Generally, they secrete more at night. There are some men who are.. Read More

This is Boston Dynamics Robot Dog “his dad”?

This article is from WeChat official account:The Heart of the Machine (ID: almosthuman2014), author: Zhang Qian Some time ago, the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Spot officially went on sale, and buyers have already posted the first unpacking video. The Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Project was funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The original intention was to develop a mechanical mule capable of carrying heavy loads, together.. Read More

The deliveryman trapped in the system and the Colingridge dilemma of technological development

This article is from WeChat official account:create (ID: xingshu100), editor: Li Ying, original title: “Takeaway Dilemma: It is easy to stand on the commanding heights of morality, but it is extremely difficult to avoid all the benefits of technology”, the title picture comes from: Yu Zhejun makes a speech Driven by the algorithms and data of the food delivery system, the delivery time of the food delivery riders has been.. Read More

After going to massage for the blind for N times, I saw their 3x speed internet life

This article is from WeChat official account:Love Faner (ID: ifanr) , author: SCIENGE head from FIG: visual China Before, a friend of mine has been giving me an Amway blind massage, saying it can heal the body and mind. I often feel sore in my shoulders and necks. I naturally accepted my friend Amway. After a long time of grinning low voices, I felt comfortable after a long absence, and.. Read More

At the moment of “social death” on the first day of work, 99% of people panic

This article is from WeChat official account: Vista see the world (ID: vistaweek) , Author: Pingmei Li, FIG title from: Japanese drama “Marginal Man” Anyone who just started working knows the cruelty of the workplace. However, they think that what makes them trip up is a mistake of the level of “I turn the table when the leader picks food, I don’t drink the leader toast, and I brake when.. Read More

When the joint cooperation is not working, how should the food brand be broken?

This article is from WeChat official account: FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation (ID: FoodInnovation) , Author: Fafa, edit: Momo, The picture of the title comes from: Visual China At one time, co-branding was a nirvana for brand marketing. The two brands announced the success of the partnership, and they often became the objects of much attention, setting off a wave of consumption. Now, the joint name seems to have become.. Read More

Why can these Chinese people become chiefs in Africa

This article is from WeChat official account: phase and not Institute (ID: buuuxiangji) , Author: rich adamantyl, FIG head Source: Tao hole twitter@Engr.Kong Tao When it comes to African chiefs, many people will think of the primitive tribes on the savanna. The strong and dark Africans have feathery headdresses, and their faces are painted with totem tattoos that symbolize the spirit of the tribe. They are covered with animal skins… Read More