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Lord Yama eats soil

It’s a mamian with a lively mind and a good face. I think it’s hard to do this, so I shirk and shirking? If this is the case, hum, see how I clean him up! That night, Lord Yan was enjoying “the offerings under the rule of the cow head” to his heart’s content, and the barefoot immortal walked in with the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor. When Yan.. Read More

There is starlight on the head

In this impetuous society, look for opportunities to look at the stars and calm down. We can think about the future better and keep our feet on the ground. This article is from the WeChat official account: CC pulpit (ID: ccjt2014) , author: Daijian Feng (astronomy enthusiasts, starry photographers, members of the World TWAN project under the night sky), head picture from: Vision China Hello everyone, I’m Dai Jianfeng, an.. Read More

Why is that “stitching monster” that plagiarizes dozens of games such as Dongsen, “really fragrant”

This article is from WeChat official account: Game Research Society (ID: yysaag) , Author: Tropic of Capricorn, original title: “Why did that “Ultimate Stitching Monster Game” become “extraordinary praise”? 》Source of head picture: B station UP Master Yu Tianmengming In June this year, a two-minute game promotion video refreshed many people’s understanding of the word “game”. Your device currently does not support playback This game is called “Craftopia”, which was.. Read More

Why did Ali start selling houses?

Will you buy a house online? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “E-commerce Online” (ID: dianshangmj), author: Zhu Yingli, editor: Adams asked. “No matter which country, there are houses sheltered from wind and rain to gather people together, and feelings are born under this house.” Houses are the roots of people and families. Buying a house is a major event. But let me ask you a.. Read More

Apple iOS 14 officially launched, is it worth upgrading?

This article is from the official account: AppSo (ID: appsolution) , Author: A king, from FIG title: CNET “Reshaping the iPhone experience” is Apple’s understanding and definition of the new iOS 14 system this year. Since WWDC released the first developer preview, we have been constantly receiving update reminders throughout the summer. After all the calls came out, after 3 months of waiting, the full iOS 14 was finally ushered.. Read More