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Won ghost money

Lao Wang has been very busy recently. He retired some time ago. He was fine at home. He and his wife rented a private house next to the suburban factory where they used to work and opened a small shop. Lao Wang and his wife usually live there. The commissary business is still working, mainly doing business with old colleagues, and can’t make a lot of money, but at any.. Read More

Voided ballot

The drunkard Zhao Jiuhe, humming a small song in his mouth, is very comfortable holding a wine glass and drinking himself. “Fuck, don’t drink for nothing. This is a good wine given away for free.” He thought to himself, “Any wine that he bought with money is a booze. He is reluctant to spend money, and there is not so much. Money buys good wines and drinks, and all the.. Read More

A few days after the first time, I kept hurting and bleeding a little, I still feel a little bit

Problem description: After the first few days, I have been painful and a little bleeding. I still feel a little frequent urination. I don’t know whyDate of the problem:2020-09 -04 Patient information:Age: 34 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: The patient complained that he felt a little pain when urinating after the first sexual life , Frequent urination. Guiding suggestions: Hello, according to your description, it may be a urinary tract.. Read More

Water ghost

Long Hao, six years old, children are curious by nature. The more adults are not allowed to go, the more they want to go. This is not why he heard yesterday that the water pool five kilometers out of Yao Pianhe was haunted by water ghosts. A kid went to see, after all, besides the hot weather, he completely ignored the warning from the adults. You should never go to.. Read More

Sun Qiming Haircut

In the 1960s and 1970s, most of the rural areas went to communes and ate big pots of rice. We are no exception here. Everyone goes to work together, cutting grass and chiseling stones. Every time when it’s time to rest, everyone would gather and chat about who’s daughter-in-law is going to get married, and who’s gotten all the lean meat, crying and screaming that the village brigade wants to.. Read More

Stomach pain, pain under the right lung

Problem description: I have a bad stomach. I took the cold medicine on an empty stomach today and it caused stomach pain. However, when I pressed the right side of my stomach with my hand, it was painful and uncomfortable. I felt the whole abdomen was painful. My stomach hurts 1-2 times this year, and I don’t even want to eat it myself. What is going on? What is under.. Read More

In 2020, China’s corporate service market has begun to enter the harvest season

This article is one of “Whale Hunting”. The “Whale Hunting” column is dedicated to digging out cases, topics, practitioners’ experiences and confusions in the service field of Chinese enterprises, and presents them in the form of graphics and online live broadcasts. . This column belongs to Tiger Sniff’s “Big Whale Project”, which serves high-growth companies serving local enterprises, discovering, incubating, and empowering. This column was created by Huxun and its.. Read More

The 13th floor of the corridor leading to the underworld

When I was young, my grandma took me to a fortune-telling. The fortune-teller said that my fate was overcast, which meant that it was easy to attract ghosts. The grandma was very upset, so she was about to leave, but the fortune teller asked her for money. The grandma was unwilling to give it, but the gentleman said that his words were true, so he must pay. Grandma believed it.. Read More

Real people and dare not meet people

I remember that I was eating at Sanxiang’s house that day, and I insisted on not drinking. The main reason why I don’t drink is indeed because I have high blood pressure and I take medicine every day. Therefore, no matter how many people scold me, I only need a bottle of beer and insist on drinking only this bottle. Everyone has no choice but to listen to me. Halfway.. Read More

I always wake up at night when I’m asleep and not in my sleep, I want to poke my nostrils.

Problem description: I always wake up at night when I feel like I want to dig my nostrils, I feel breathless, I want to suffocate. What is this condition and which department should I go to for examination?Question date: 2020-09-04 Patient information: Age: 39 Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, from the described condition, consider allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and other causes. Guide and suggestion: It is recommended to pay attention to.. Read More