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Ghost car

Xin Mengdi is a female worker in a textile factory in Donghai City. Her home is far away from the factory. It takes at least four to fifty minutes for her to arrive to get off work by bicycle. The workers in the factory work in three shifts, and the middle shift and the evening shift are handed over at 12 o’clock in the night, and it is about one.. Read More


   I am in charge of logistics in the unit. On this day, a middle-aged woman came to our unit and asked me: “Are you Manager Yang here?”    I took a look. The woman was wrapped in some shabby work clothes. She suddenly remembered that Manager Yang had mentioned finding a cleaner the other day. It seemed that she was the only one. So, I handed her the mop.. Read More

Yearn for

I have a mansion, a detached house, on the hill. On the day of Qingming Ming Dynasty, my family bought me all kinds of expensive cars, tobacco, alcohol, fruits, and also sent a wad of banknotes. I often feel lonely and I am not happy at all. The houses and cars that were given to me were often snatched away by passing by outsiders. There was no way. They were.. Read More

Special contribution

   Robber James single-handedly robbed a bank, and then played a chase and escape game with the police on the street. You must know that James is a race car driver, he crosses right and left in the downtown, and plays drifting from time to time. To let him go, he would have escaped safely, but this time it was wicked, and a police car behind him clung to him.. Read More

Never let you go

Late at night on July 9, 1982, there was no trace of wind. If it weren’t for the thunderous screams of his mother, I’m afraid this sultry night would pass silently. Just listening to the mother’s “ah”, the tone was prolonged, and the grandmother who was sleeping beside was awakened. She touched her mother’s belly and asked: “What’s wrong, do you want to give birth? Is it?” Mother said “Ah”.. Read More

Stingy emperor

   Legend has it that in ancient times, there was an emperor who was very stingy. No matter whether there was a celebration or the minister made merit, he never gave a reward. It just so happened that several ministers were all fans of money. Apart from scouting the people, they wanted to coax money from the emperor.    One day, several ministers quarreled about whose knowledge they were, and.. Read More

I am a thief

Li Qing stood in front of the window, looking at everything outside through the hazy glass that had not been wiped for a long time. The hazy high-rise buildings seem to be the illusion of a mirage. There is no bird in the sky, and there are not many pedestrians on the street. These walking people seem to be in a hurry. Li Qing can’t see their faces, but he.. Read More

Granddaughter has an opinion

The granddaughter Red Chair saw the wedding photos of her parents, and she looked at her and had some comments: “Grandpa, why didn’t they invite me to a banquet when they got married?” “Yes, this is indeed a problem.” I couldn’t react to it for a while. “If they are negligent, grandpa, you should remind me!” Red Chair. I said: “Grandpa knows what to do in the future.” Red Chair:.. Read More

Off work

At twelve o’clock in the evening, Zhang Fang stood at the gate of the factory. The cold air was tinged with coolness. She rubbed her arms to keep warm. It was too early for the agreed time, and Zhang Fang was a little angry when he did not see his boyfriend’s car. She took out her mobile phone and dialed her boyfriend’s number. There was a busy tone on the.. Read More


Hearing that his daughter’s boyfriend is coming home, Mr. Zhang is both happy and nervous. It is said that her daughter’s boyfriend works in the town government, that’s a cadre! Old Man Zhang thought. The old man cleaned up the house early, waiting for the arrival of his daughter and her boyfriend. Waiting left and right, finally waiting… “Hello, uncle!” said her daughter’s boyfriend. “Good leadership!” Old Man Zhang was.. Read More