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Resent Girl Soul Chasing

After Japan surrendered, Japanese military officer Taro Matsushita was temporarily detained in an old house in Shanghai, waiting to be sent home. Matsushita Taro felt a pain in his head. He was almost awakened by a severe headache. He had a headache since he knew that they were defeated. How could he not understand how such a powerful Japanese Empire was defeated? He lifted the quilt, sat up, took a.. Read More

Stool bleeding will have a small amount of bright red blood sticking to the stool in the middle and late stages of the stool

Problem description: In recent days, I found that my stool would bleed. I also don’t have constipation. I don’t have any pain when I have a bowel movement. The bleeding is always in the later stage of the defecation process. There will be bright red blood sticking to the stool. Not much, I usually eat normally, I don’t eat spicy foods, and I also eat more fruits and vegetables. In.. Read More

Yin and Yang Road

In summer, the sun is like fire. The whole city was like a huge oven, and people couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t until night fell that I went out of the house and ran to the rooftop to enjoy the cool. Occasionally, a small breeze came on the roof, sweeping away the trash-like heat and boredom during the day, which made me feel refreshed. The crescent moon in the sky exudes.. Read More

Vertigo, can I take yosemin while taking betahistine mesylate tablets?

Problem description: Vertigo, can I take yosmin while taking betahistine mesylate tablets?Question date:2020-09-05 Patient information:Age: 30 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, from the description of this situation, Yasmin belongs to short-acting contraception The drug needs to be administered continuously for 21 days. If the drug is stopped, contraceptive failure may occur and dizziness may occur. You can take betahistine mesylate orally. Guide and suggestion: These two drugs have different effects… Read More

Driver’s Cemetery Sandonggou

Su Yang used to work as a driver in a small company. Although his salary was not high, he was unable to sustain his income due to droughts and floods and was starving. He had planned to do so in this life. Who would have thought that there was a financial crisis suddenly, and the small business he worked for would collapse if he said it collapsed. Su Yang, who.. Read More

As mentioned above, I am a male, 31 years old. I used to be too much, a bit weak and weak.

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): As mentioned above, I am a male, 31 years old. I used to be too much, a bit weak and weak. Now it affects the relationship between husband and wife. The following questions: 1. If you want to improve your sexual performance, can you take Viagra for a long time? If you eat it, for example, how often.. Read More

Ghost Story Collection

Afraid of walking at night I am naturally timid and afraid of walking at night. Walking alone on the night road, I often feel that something is following behind me. Be bold and look back, there is nothing. At noon that day, my hometown called and said that my mother was sick, so I had time to go back. In the afternoon, I was busy getting some goods, so I.. Read More

What causes the prolonged menstrual period

Problem description: At the age of 21, I took birth control pills for a week and then menstruation. The second month did not come, and the third month did not stop vaginal bleeding for a month. I went to the clinic to prescribe hemostatic drugs. I want to ask if this is pregnant? Or is it just to adjust the endocrine disorder? ? Question date:2020-09-05 Patient information:Age: January Gender: FemaleQuestion.. Read More

Forefront|Perfect Diary Official Announcement Spokesperson Zhou Xun, the light of beauty and domestic products will break

The perfect young diary should mature. Audi, Chanel, IWC and other international first-line brand spokesperson Zhou Xun, now a cutting-edge domestic beauty brand Perfect Diary endorsement. The picture is from PerfectDiary. On October 20th, Perfect Diary announced Zhou Xun as the brand’s first global spokesperson. In the promotional video, Zhou Gongzi put on the perfect diary’s new “small thin heel” lipstick, “beautiful, unlimited” became the new slogan of the perfect.. Read More

Ghost Magpie Bridge

Liu Tongfang celebrated his 50th birthday in the village. Six months ago, he invested 200,000 yuan to build a road for the village. The village chief strongly invited him and asked the villagers to give him a birthday and expressed his gratitude. The hospitality is hard to be overcome, and Liu Tongfang is back. The Shouyan feast was unexpectedly set up in the village. A dozen cauldrons were set up.. Read More