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Small bags on hands and feet will soon disappear and become a cocoon but

Problem description: The small bags on the hands and feet will soon disappear and become a cocoon-like thing, but there are a few more growing around it, sometimes itching and not painfulQuestion date:2020-09-05 Patient information:Age: 16 years old, Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis:Hello , From the uploaded picture, it is a small bag at first, then becomes a cocoon shape, itching, the longer it is, the more likely it is that molluscum.. Read More

Operation of the Living Dead

When we walk on the street, we occasionally hear people around us complaining: “When will this haze day pass? Even if there is haze every day, let people not live?” However, in the smog, we seem to be able to see some small black particles floating in front of us like ghosts, some of them fall on the food grilled on the roadside, and some fall in the night market.. Read More

Ruin ghost

At a demolition site in the west of the small town, bricks and shingles were scattered everywhere. Amidst the ruins, a small red brick and blue tiled building stood impressively, with a dark painted door tightly closed. Two door god statues with young crop fangs are pasted on the door, very majestic. Xiaoliu tidied the yellow cloth strips on his arms, and the strips were brightly printed with a split.. Read More

20 days after circumcision.

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): I have been circumcised for 21 days, but there is no sign of the ring to fall off, and there is a purulent surrounding The secretion will not block or heal. I would like to ask a doctor whether I need to go to the hospital for treatment of this situation. Can the ligature be absorbed by itself,.. Read More

Melon field ghost

In other words, it was a full moon night decades ago, in a desert with no one. I was watching melons in the melon garden. That night I drank a mineral water bottle of white wine, ate a big watermelon, and gave the rest of the meal to the lame Legged dog. This time is approaching autumn and the weather is very cold. I stood up, walked to the cornfield,.. Read More

Doctor, I took iodophor to wash my face, which caused my face to be red and swollen. What should I do? Reply to hope

Problem description: Doctor, I took iodophor to wash my face, which caused my face to be red and swollen. What should I do? I reply in hope! The effect of taking loratadine tablets is not obvious, and you can’t wash your face. It will be serious after washing. Doctor help! Question date:2020-09-05 Patient information:Age: 41 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to your description, consider the allergic reaction after.. Read More

Ghost fan

Idol worship by fans is an experience that almost every young person has experienced, but has anyone ever thought that the degree to which a fan spoils an idol can reach the point of life and death, even after death? When I was in middle school, I had a related abnormal experience. One hundred after death, for those who are obsessed, it may not be relief. That night was a.. Read More

Hello, I am ovulation tomorrow. The same room last night. After taking the pill at noon today

Description of the problem: Hello, I am ovulating tomorrow. I had the same room last night and I had another room at noon after taking contraceptives today. Will I get pregnant? 09-05 Patient information:Age: 20 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, it is effective for a short time after taking birth control pills , Don’t be nervous, usually you won’t get pregnant. Guide and suggestion: Be sure to take contraceptive measures.. Read More

Yin difference

Sanqiao Village is a remote mountain village, where the villagers lead a peaceful life. Suddenly one day, a 20-year-old boy broke the tranquility of the mountain village. Here’s the thing: There is a young man named Qu Xin in Sanqiao Village. One day, he came to the pond outside the village to fish by himself, while fishing, and suddenly fell into the pond and passed out. Ten minutes later, two.. Read More