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Huangquan Guide

“Don’t look back when you go on Huangquan Road, don’t look back.” Huang Xiaosan hummed. No one knows exactly what Huang Xiaosan does. He always wears ragged clothes, rotten pants, dry and thin, and unlucky. He seldom talks to people, but he always sees him during funerals in people’s homes. He wandered outside the house, annoying the visitors. Huang Xiaosan disagrees, he still wanders around cheerfully every day, not caring.. Read More

Resurrected female ghost

Jia Songlin is an army officer who was transferred due to injury. He is in his early thirties and single. He works in a good large state-owned enterprise in the provincial capital. Although I have some savings on hand, I haven’t bought a house yet because I haven’t had an ideal location. The city has also developed to the third ring road. Housing prices within the third ring road are.. Read More

Arson girl

The Xingfu Commercial Building has been renovated and re-invited foreign investment. Yili and I rented a shop selling clothes. That day, we got up early to set up the venue. Approaching our bunk, I suddenly found a little girl beside the bunk. She was sitting on the floor, naked to the upper body, wearing only a small pants. We were surprised. Whose child is this, why is it here so.. Read More

Scary back

Back view Julie is an editor of a morning newspaper. She goes to work every night at 10 o’clock and leaves at 3 o’clock in the morning. She has been doing this for seven or eight years, and she is also used to this way of life. On this day, Julie hurriedly walked into the office. She was nervously composing, and suddenly she trembled in front of her back. It.. Read More

Black hole ancient clock

Antique clock Wang Mingyang’s grandfather suffered a myocardial infarction and died without leaving a word. After his grandfather was buried, Wang Mingyang began to carefully organize the old man’s belongings. When his grandfather was young, he studied abroad and it is said that he had a relationship with a French girl. Before and after his life, Wang Mingyang read an outline from his grandfather’s early notes. If it were not.. Read More

Deadly game

Spending less is a rich second generation who spends money casually, and women change new people every month. Little Hua has a hobby, she likes fresh and simple girls. This kind of girl is deceptive, and most of them hold Cinderella’s dreams. He only needs to hook his fingers to make a little romantic, and most girls do Take the initiative to hug. Of course, there are some people who.. Read More