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Girl in white

In a clearing in the corner of the park, there are many rural girls who are holding the nanny brand first. Yue stands here a bit uncomfortable, because she is too beautiful, and occasionally a male employer comes forward to strike up a conversation. Yue refused, she She seemed to be waiting, and she seemed to be anxious, because her eyes were always floating towards the road in front of.. Read More

Why did the comet drag a long tail?

This article is from WeChat official account:Science University (ID: kexuedayuan), author: Wang Zheng, head Figure from: vision China The biggest feature of a comet is its long tail. Therefore, it was also called a “broom star” in ancient times. The curious thing is, why does the comet drag a long tail? How is this long tail formed? To answer this question, you must first understand the structure of comets. The.. Read More

I love beautiful face

I am a beautician and own the largest beauty salon in the city, so I don’t have to do beauty treatments anymore, just sit and collect money. That evening it was drizzling, the setting sun quietly set, dark clouds suppressed the whole city, I sat boredly at the cash register, playing a new game, changing my face, one I can change every piece of clothes as I want. I thought.. Read More

Cat city

br/> It turned out to be just a wall, which separated another world. He hasn’t eaten for a day, and his stomach is also protesting in despair. He wanted to find his way back, but the sky was getting dark very quickly. He glanced at the clock tower. There were only three hours in the day. He hid back to the clock tower, in the dark, inquiring about outside sounds… Read More

The market value exceeds 100 billion, and the world’s third largest IDC operator “GDS” returns to Hong Kong for a second listing

The largest third-party data center operator in China and the third largest data center provider in the world, GDS has officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange China’s IDC company with a market value of 100 billion, was born today Up. Today (November 2), the largest third-party data center operator in China and the third largest data center provider in the world Global Data (09698) officially landed on the.. Read More

Right foot

“Two-foot drive.” c2(); At this moment, it seems that it can no longer be satisfied with just dominating my left foot. Its ambitions are constantly expanding, and it wants to dominate me completely. I decided to destroy the ambition of my right foot and ignore it. When I walked, I deliberately stepped on my left foot first, deliberately focused on the left foot, and even when I raised my leg,.. Read More

Taxi driver meets ghost at night

The road in the country is hard to walk, especially the road with grave circles, which always makes people frightened. As a taxi driver, there are naturally many opportunities to go to these places. I stick to a rule. I don’t go to the countryside in the evening and don’t pay any money. The reason for me to stick to this rule is that something happened in the dark. It.. Read More

Scary rainy night

I don’t like cloudy days, and I don’t like rain. This kind of weather always makes me have a kind of inexplicable fear, as if there is some potential danger waiting for me in the rain. So I will never go out on rainy days. Even when I go out, I will take a taxi or find someone to accompany me. I will never be alone. But nothing is absolute,.. Read More

No way to escape

“Awen, are you sure you have climbed this mountain?” Xiaolan frowned and looked at the rugged path on the mountain in front of her, and looked at the trail behind her. The female companion in the white sweater said, “I don’t know if I can climb the mountain on such a path?” The girl named Awen put her mobile phone in her pocket and said:” No, I just heard people.. Read More

Lotus grave

When Mr. Feng Shui came to Xiaohe Village, he intentionally stopped by the big pond at the east end of the village for a while, and then walked into the house with Brother Li. Brother Li is a small vendor. He runs outside all the year round, so he can find this Feng Shui man who is more than a hundred miles away from his village. It is said that.. Read More