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In the music scene in Changsha, there are a group of “alternative idols” girls

This article comes fromWeChat official account: VOXLIVEHOUSE Changsha author: pears, title figure from Changsha idol girl group “transparent classroom and parallel girl”, the original title of “alternative idol: rooted in the scene, with a full body resistance” Livehouse VOX Changsha celebrated its third birthday in November, and it has been closely cooperating with VOX and won the most active local award in the 2019 Changsha VOX inventory with almost weekly.. Read More

Apple moved iOS apps to Mac, which is actually more important than the release of iPhone 12

This article is from WeChat official account:Love Faner (ID: ifanr), author: Li Chen, from the title figure: vision China Two days ago, the Mac equipped with the Arm architecture M1 chip was released and sold at the speed of light. Today, the official version of macOS Big Sur was launched. In terms of hardware and systems, Apple can be said to be very fast, helping you who want to try.. Read More

Does it affect the physical examination of civil servants?

Problem description: Does it affect the physical examination of civil servants? Question date:2020-09-21 Patient information:Age: 27 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, some of the results of your routine blood tests are relatively high and a little bit low, which has no clinical reference significance. Generally, it has no effect on the entry medical examination. Guide suggestion: I suggest you don’t worry too much. In this case, you can also.. Read More

Vagina has a sticky paste, peculiar smell, and vaginal dryness

Problem description: The vagina is dry and smelly, and there is a sticky paste in the vagina. Date of the problem:2020-09-21 Patient information:Age: 43 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, these symptoms you described have increased discharge, and the peculiar smell may be a manifestation of vaginitis Guide suggestion: It is best to have a routine examination of leucorrhea to clarify various types of vaginitis, or it is more effective for.. Read More

Get rid of those who are devoted to the live broadcast

Double 11 has passed, the astronomical transaction of 498.2 billion yuan on Tmall Among the figures, the most eye-catching live streaming data has not yet been released, and the focus of the public opinion field has been “Li Xueqin personally experienced the live broadcast fraud site< span class="text-remarks">“‘s dog bloodthe story runs. On the Douyin Double 11 anchor sales rankings, Luo Yonghao, Yige, Suning Tesco, etc. took turns to reach.. Read More

Are these corns or plantar warts? I have pasted corns like this for a few days. Need to continue

Description of the problem: Is this a corn or a plantar wart? I have posted corns like this for a few days. Do I need to continue to paste?Date of the problem:2020-09- 21 Patient information:Age: 27 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: You have posted pictures just now, I think the patient still has corns The problem. Guide suggestion: It is recommended to continue to use corn ointment for external use,.. Read More

Using a new generation of TILs therapy to treat solid tumors, “Jinfeng Bio” completed a $10 million Pre-A round of financing

The company’s angel investor is Professor Brendan Lee, an academician of the American Academy of Sciences and the chair of the Department of Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. It is reported that “Jinfeng Biology” has recently completed $10 million Pre-A round of financing. The investors in this round of financing are mainly Hanyi Capital and Hongli Venture Capital. The funds raised will be mainly used for the upgrade of.. Read More

Will it be okay if the anus is stabbed?

Problem description: I was stabbed in the anus in a fight. There is still a lot of liquid. At that time, it was shot in front. Will something happen?Question date:2020-09-21 Patient information:Age: 25 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: It is recommended that patients need to go to the hospital for treatment to find out the severity of anal injury. Guide and suggestion: It is estimated that this situation will require.. Read More

“Versailles Literature” is popular, but have you ever heard of “Doubanomics”?

This article is from WeChat official account:NetEase Digital Reading (ID: datablog163), author: Northbridge Southbridge is not a bridge, the original title: “more powerful than Versailles, watercress omics” title figure from: vision China This is the first issue of “omics research” of NetEase Wenchuang Numerical Readings. “Omics Research” is a column focusing on the Douban Group. The Douban Group is a magical existence. It gathers all kinds of fun young people.. Read More

Woke up after taking a nap for an hour, right chest pain, deep breathing and pressure pain

Problem description: I have had upper left pulmonary tuberculosis for 5 months. I have been treated for 5 months. Take medicine every day. Last month’s reexamination is no problem. I woke up yesterday and my upper right chest hurts. I took medicine every day and it won’t be tuberculosis transfer. Question date:2020-09-21 Patient information:Age: 18 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis : There are some over-worries, and there is no problem.. Read More