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Two two-dimensional otaku “launched a challenge” to Deyun Club

This article is from WeChat official account:Tiaohai Courtyard (ID: meerjump), author : The office of the hospital is drenched in shit, the original title: “The Second Element Invades the Crosstalk World, Deyun Society Is Scared”, the first picture is provided by the interviewee. “We are two Mafia from Italy. My name is Gioruno Ciobana. This one next to me, my mentor and friend, is also my partner-Bucarasi.” “Why does my.. Read More

The importance of Apple’s new Mac cannot be overemphasized

A new processor that is not exactly hype The Translation Bureau is a subordinate translation team, focusing on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: New computing devices appear to be endless, but in terms of core processors, the choices are actually quite limited. So in the past few years, you will find that those.. Read More

Why does the phone recognize you wearing a mask?

This article is from WeChat official account:Ai Faner (ID: fanr), author: get a new word, title figure from: vision China The arrival of the epidemic has degraded the noble head of the face unlock function. When masks become a must-have item for us to go out on the street, we always have to go through the cumbersome process of “facial recognition failure”-“input password” when unlocking the phone. This makes people.. Read More

Why do all the citizens of Chengdu love this “unfinished building” of 140,000 square meters?

This article is from WeChat official account:one (ID: yitiaotv), author: Cheng Qing, Editor: Chen Zaiwen, the original title of” most popular people of Chengdu on schedule, “head Figure from: the authors provide The Chengdu architect Liu Jiakun born in the 50’s was called “Brother Kun” and “Uncle Kun” by his younger generations. The Chengdu West Village courtyard he designed and built, with a building area of ​​140,000 square meters, resembles.. Read More

Will pan-knowledge videos change the landscape of the short video industry?

Be excited. According to the “2020China Mobile Internet Content Ecological Insight Report”, epidemic After that, the audience’s attention to serious content such as science documentary and news facts increased by an average of 16.7%. The content of life also increased, and the entertainment direction showed a slight decline. Furthermore, a large number of epidemic-related popular science videos ran out during the epidemic, and a large number of users were given.. Read More

Company of the Year | A “perfect” IPO whose valuation has quadrupled in one year, but JD Health’s capital story is still “dehydrated”

The high valuation is understandable, but imagination needs to be verified. The boots finally landed. On the evening of November 15, according to the website of the Stock Exchange, JD Health has uploaded the post-hearing data set, which shows that it has been approved for listing in Hong Kong. On the morning of November 16, Bloomberg quoted TERMS as saying that Health has begun to assess the needs of.. Read More

Sewers, ghost towns, train graveyards: she is looking for the entrance to “another world”

This article is from WeChat official account: Bund TheBund (ID: the-Bund) , Author: Chang circle, the original title: “From Shanghai to Toronto, this group of people photographed the ruins with a sense of magical reality”, head picture source: Pan Ran In a big city, there are too many ways to check in for travel. Go to the Wukang Building to take a photo, or have an afternoon tea in an.. Read More

Overlooking the rich

This article is from WeChat official account:GQ Lab (ID: GQZHIZU), planning: Rocco, editor: Chen Go, interview and writing: Yue Zixuan, Changxin, Chen Go, illustration: Toby never sleeps, visual: aube, original title: “I work at the top of Regal Shopping Mall”, source of head image: aube It takes about 50 seconds to take the elevator from the first floor to the 30th floor, but it takes several hours to wipe from.. Read More

What medicine is used to prevent fever in children

Problem description: Doctor, my daughter had a fever and was in a coma twice. When I went to the hospital to check the doctor and asked the doctor to use anti-acupuncture needles when she had a fever, our doctor didn’t know. May I ask what medicine is used to prevent acupuncture needles? Question date:2020-09-23 Patient information:Age: 4 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, generally when the child has a fever,.. Read More

Hello doctor: “I would like to consult my mother on the right eyelid in July this year

Problem description: Hello doctor: “I would like to consult my mother in July this year, the right eyelid under the eyelid felt something obscured. I went to the hospital and found that it was ischemic optic neuropathy. I think Ask if this disease can still be cured? Question date:2020-09-23 Patient information: Age: 66 Gender: Female Problem analysis:Hello, ischemic optic neuropathy is related to systemic diseases or eye diseases caused by.. Read More