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Director Zhang, hello. I am Qi Ling who was performing surgery at Subei Hospital, and I’m back now

Problem description: Director Zhang, hello. I am Qi Ling undergoing surgery at Subei Hospital. Now that I am back to recuperate, my nose is always runny. It is blue and slightly yellow. Is there any problem with this? Question date:2020-09-23 Patient information:Age: 36 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to the description, there is a nasal discharge, which may be related to rhinitis and sinusitis. Guide and suggestion: Please.. Read More

Haikai Daily丨Huanju Group responded to the Muddy Waters report, saying that it can provide domestic and overseas cash balances and proof of statements; Nasdaq will acquire Verafin, an anti-financial crime company, for US$2.75 billion

And, Kaspersky Bank and wealth management platform Lu International cooperated to launch an online wealth management platform FinVest; the Indian government plans to amend the Information Technology Act to regulate the use of user data on OTT platforms; South Korean game developer PUBG announced its return to India and plans to invest 1 Billion dollars to revitalize the Indian market. Welcome to follow the WeChat official account (ID: wow36krchuhai) to.. Read More

An investment frenzy triggered by a chip

This article is from WeChat official account: late LatePost (ID: postlate) , Author: Gongxiao Zhen, editor: Huang Chun-chieh, cartography: intern Hu Di , The head picture comes from: Visual China In September 2020, Li Ping, the former investment manager of the National Large Fund, appeared again in the office of an external foundry of SMIC. This factory has an 8-inch wafer production line, which is mainly engaged in sensor foundry… Read More

It’s been more than ten days since my face has red beans

Description of the problem: The red beans on the face are now more than ten days old. I went to see the Second Hospital of Jilin University today.Date of the problem:2020-09-23 Patient information:Age: 28 years old, Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, I am glad to answer you. The situation shown in the picture is mainly due to glandular blockage, causing the above symptoms. Guide and suggestion: In this case, it is.. Read More

Half of the unsolved mysteries of the world are hidden in this ancient South American country

This article is from WeChat official account: nine lines (ID: jiuxing_neweekly) , Author: old artists, from head Figure: Vision China If you want to choose a place you must go, the old artist’s answer will be South America, Peru. Not long ago, a “cat-shaped geography painting” from Peru more than 2,000 years ago appeared on the hot search. This line and shape made netizens joked that this is a modern.. Read More

Almost three months pregnant, yellow viscous liquid flows out when urinating

Problem description: I’ve been pregnant for almost three months, and it’s almost half a month since I was urinary urgency. I still feel like I didn’t have the same feeling when I didn’t go. What is going on with the sticky liquid flowing out? Question date:2020-09-23 Patient information:Age: 21 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, as you said, this situation cannot be ruled out as being caused by urinary tract.. Read More

The boy is 12 years old and has recently experienced itchy scrotum. Tell the parents about the itching

Problem description: The boy is 12 years old. He has recently experienced itchy scrotum. Tell his parents that he can’t bear the itch and grab it with his hands. I checked it twice. There is some redness and swelling, please show me under. Thank you. Question date:2020-09-23 Patient information:Age: 12 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Looking at the photos you sent, the child is likely to have eczema on the.. Read More

May I ask what nutritional products the patient should take after surgery?

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): What nutrition should the patient take after surgery? Question date:2020-09-23 Patient information:Age: 79 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, if it is not for gastrointestinal surgery, there are usually a lot of foods you can eat, mainly light soups. Guiding suggestions: It is recommended to eat lean meat soup, chicken soup, fish soup, shrimp, etc. Fruits and vegetables.. Read More

The era of online classes has arrived ahead of schedule, what can they do if there is no Internet?

This article is from WeChat official account:I am a scientist iScientist (ID: IamaScientist), the original title “The whole world is online classes, why can’t you?” “Author: travel knowledge initiatives, editing, layout: Xiu Xiu, title figure from: Vision China 11-year-old Sunny said that her internet speed is too slow to attend classes at all. It takes two hours to do a page of homework, and it took her a whole day.. Read More