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Guan Tao of Bank of China Securities: 11 hot issues on the RMB exchange rate

This article is from WeChat official account:Chaos University (ID: hundun-university) , author: Guan Tao (Bank global Securities chief economist), the original title: “Guan Tao million words exclusive lecture: Why the yuan rise so much? These are 11 important questions”, the title picture comes from: Visual China Someone joked that if there are 9 economists in a room, there may be 11 opinions on the exchange rate issue. In fact, different.. Read More

Remember the temple escape? It’s not easy to make parkour games now

This article is from WeChat official account:Roski (ID: tvsiji), original title” Voodoo case explained: Parkour type of game analysis and innovative ways to share reconstruction “, author: Rawski, drawing from the title: game” jelly Bean person “ On November 16, Voodoo held the second casual game live sharing class for developers in China. This live broadcast was jointly shared by Voodoo China Developer Relations Director Liu Yi and Voodoo Publishing.. Read More

What to do if children like to lick things with their mouths

< /p> Children have different performances and needs at different stages of growth. For example, a child needs to suck, chew, and swallow to satisfy his desire when he is in the oral phase. Therefore, parents will find that even if their children are not hungry, they will often suck their little hands and even feet, as well as everything that can be held in their hands, to get a.. Read More

Normal people can draw blood several times a month

There is a lot of blood in the human body, which is the source of life. When everyone has a physical examination, a blood test is performed, which is the most common method of examination. However, many people are afraid of drawing blood and think that drawing blood will harm their health. So, how many times can a normal person draw blood in a month? Normal people can draw blood.. Read More

The Eight Kingdoms in the Arctic Circle

This article is from WeChat official account:Understand knowledge (ID: mingbaizhishi), author: understand knowledge er, title figure from: vision China If someone said at the beginning of the 21st century that the Arctic would become a strategic place for great powers to compete, it might be considered a idiot. But today, because of global warming, this impossible is becoming possible. Perhaps, in another ten years, people will discuss the “Arctic issue”.. Read More

The low-key broadcast of “His Royal Highness Wolf” is very popular, “destocking” becomes a gold line for listed film and television companies

In 2020, there is no doubt that there will be two heavens for drama production and production companies. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “read entertainment” (ID: yiqiduyu) , Author: Zhao Two knives. 2020 will mean a long winter for many industries, but for the drama market, while the cold wind is blowing, there are also opportunities for spring to bloom. Xiao Zhan finally unveiled his.. Read More

A dating app that can’t help users break the ice, it’s hard to be a big deal

This article is from WeChat official account:White whale going to sea (ID: baijingapp), author: Xin Tong, from the title figure: vision China In the first weekly update feature “New Products” released by Beluga Going to the Sea on November 9, the serial number (1) SpecUdate-the ice-breaking point moves forward, and another major student’s entrepreneurial achievement has become the most concerned topic. There are only two reasons for wanting to be.. Read More

Sitting in a BMW, you are crying

Production|Tiger sniffing car group Author|Hu Yang Title Map|Hu Yang For a period of time, it was not weird to cry in a BMW car, at best it was a bit squeamish. Now it is like the “ancient” BMW E-heading period. The tight driving atmosphere makes people painful and happy, happy and painful. The “hard” of the E90 3 series is well known, and the 5 series E60 that pays more.. Read More

How long does it take for the second time after menarche

The first menstruation is a sign of the advent of female puberty. The normal menstrual cycle is one month, but after the menarche, some children’s menstruation is delayed, and they are worried about whether their body is normal, but they are embarrassed to ask the doctor or parents. In fact, most children experience delayed menstruation after menarche. So, how long does it take for the second time after menarche? After.. Read More

We undercover a group of internet writers, it is better to beg for a thousand characters of 3 yuan

I don’t know if the webmasters will really leave, or if the next order comes in at 3 yuan, they continue to silently take orders Or they. This article is from the WeChat official account: new Weekly (ID: new-weekly) , author: Hexi Pa, drawing from the title: Visual China Copywriter, why? The kind of three yuan per thousand characters. Although the money is too small to beg, there are still.. Read More