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There is a vertical red line two centimeters long in the Yintang area

Problem description: When I got up this morning, there was a two-centimeter-long vertical red at the Yintang site. It didn’t hurt or itch, and there was no other discomfort in the body.Date of the problem:2020- 09-26 Patient information:Age: 34 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis: In this case, consider subcutaneous purpura, it is recommended to observe Are there other parts? Guide and suggestion: Please also recall whether there has been a.. Read More

Rumor has it that is considering selling its e-commerce business for $6 billion, Suning denies

Suning was exposed to plans to sell its e-commerce business, which is closely related to the deterioration of its financial situation in recent years. is rumored to be considering selling its e-commerce business for US$6 billion Recently, according to Bloomberg News, is considering selling its e-commerce business, seeking a valuation of approximately US$6 billion in order to ease financing pressure. It is reported that is evaluating the.. Read More

How long can AirPods remain invincible? “The sound of running after you” is here

This article is from WeChat official account:Geekpark (ID: geekpark), original title, “” chasing you run voice, “let this technology headset off”, author: Shen Han know, Editor: Jingyu, title figure from: vision China It’s late at night, and you turn up the volume and brush the vibrato, but your girlfriend doesn’t slap it. The reason is that only you can hear the sound, but she can’t hear it. Early the next.. Read More

There are small blisters on my palms, itchy, nothing else

Problem description: There are small blisters on my palms, itchy, and everything else is goneDate of the problem: 2020-09-26 Patient information: Age: 18 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis:Hello, I am glad to answer for you. According to the situation you described, it may be a fungal infection . Guide and suggestion: In case, it is recommended that you can choose topical medicine to apply. Clotrimazole ointment can be applied externally… Read More

If you don’t know how to play scheming, you want to be a leader, what should I do?

The data shows that those who score higher on the Big Five “Extraversion” dimension are more likely to gain power in the future. Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” husk “(ID: Guokr42 ) , author: eating hedgehog little fox. They all say that they are good at being in charge. No matter whatZhen Huan, who had lost her life, and An Lingrong, who had suffered bitter.. Read More

I have a broken finger. Which city has such a small splint?

Problem description: I have a broken finger. I would like to ask which city has such a small splint? Question date:2020-09-26 Patient information:Age: 19 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, this general recommendation is best to go to the top three hospitals. Guide and suggestion: Go to a big hospital and have a look. It is generally recommended to eat more high-calcium foods. Check.. Read More

13000 words, talk about my thoughts on the video number

Let me talk about my thoughts on the video account. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “where the black eyed peas writes “(ID: heiyandoudou2016) , of: black eye Peas where to write. This article mainly discusses the following issues: 1. Thinking about why WeChat has a video account? 2. Think about the differences between the video account and the official account, Moments, Moments video and story;.. Read More

Paul Graham, Godfather of Silicon Valley: How to surpass peers and think independently?

This article comes fromWeChat official account: Fan Yang (ID: beingmorehuman), author: Fan Yang, title figure from the visual China I remember I read a sentence before, “If you think that the public is rational and thoughtful, it is the biggest irrationality and mindlessness”. Internet product managers will also tell you not to make users think. It is true that the main purpose of our brain’s evolution from billions of years.. Read More

What is the dosage and course of treatment of azithromycin? Is azithromycin taken alone and how to take it

Problem description: What is the dosage and course of treatment for azithromycin? Is azithromycin taken alone, how to take it, and how to take it for a few days. Current medication instructions: I am taking medications, I have taken minocycline for one day, and given levoxon once. I also had a rectal microwave treatmentQuestion date:2020-09-26 Patient information:Age: Gender: Problem analysis: Hello. Azithromycin is used to treat general infections, once a.. Read More

Six months after surgery for esophageal cancer, now the upper body is uncomfortable, is

Problem description: My dad is 67 years old. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February this year. He had an operation on March 23 this year. It is now six months after the operation. Recently, my dad has been feeling the upper body Feeling uncomfortable, is it recurring? Can it be treated? Is there any better way? What should be better? Seek advice from someoneQuestion date:2020-09-26 Patient information:Age: 66.. Read More