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Industrialization is not progressing smoothly. Can solid-state batteries be installed in NIO ET7 as scheduled?

2024 will be an optimistic time node for the large-scale application of semi-solid batteries. As for all solid-state batteries, it may not be until 2030. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Traveling a Passenger” (ID: carcaijing), authored by Shi Zhiliang’s team. On the evening of January 9, NIO (NYSE: NIO) released the first luxury electric sedan ET7, which officially claimed to have a battery life of.. Read More

New track of the Internet: Unicorns get together, investors scramble

New consumer brand investment illustration. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “world network operators” (ID: txws_txws), Author: Fan Xiangdong. In 2020, there will be an unprecedented explosion of new consumer brands. This year, on Tmall Double 11, 360 new brands won the first place in the sub-category, and 16 new brands sold over 100 million yuan, the highest in history. A large wave of brands such.. Read More

Can crabs be eaten

Crab is a food that many people like to eat, because the taste of crab is particularly good, especially steamed crab, but crab is not delicious for everyone, especially It was during pregnancy, so, can crabs be eaten? Let’s take a look together below. Can crabs be eaten Crabs are edible, and the nutritional value of crabs is high, but crabs are cold foods, so pregnant women are not recommended.. Read More

Can burn immortal grass be eaten

Burning Xiancao is a kind of drink, which can be made into ice-cold drink in summer and steaming drink in winter. Therefore, it is very popular. Everyone’s favorite, but some people question whether it is edible to burn immortal grass, especially for some special people, such as children or pregnant women, etc. Today, the editor will introduce to you whether burned immortal grass can be eaten, let’s take a look… Read More

Can okra be eaten

Okra is a kind of vegetable, its nutritional value is still quite high, rich in vitamins, all many people like to eat it, and okra is not only for cooking It can also be made into dried okra as a snack, but some people worry that okra cannot be eaten during special periods. So, can okra be eaten during pregnancy? Okra can be eaten during pregnancy. Okra is also a.. Read More