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The details of this product are a bit valuable

The value of the product manager is greatly reflected here. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Tang Ren” (ID: RyanTang007), Author: Tang Ren. A few days ago, everyone had eaten the melons of PDD. The former employee was picked up by his old boss to record the speech in the anonymous community “Maimai”, and the ID, content and publication time were all hammered out. As for.. Read More

Nature has published two articles in a row. Can innovative mRNA delivery technologies bring a new wave of gene therapy?

The VLP-mRNA delivery technology jointly developed by the domestic medical team is the world’s first gene therapy delivery vector technology and has a strong potential to solve the delivery technology bottleneck of somatic gene therapy (including gene editing, etc.). After years of technology accumulation, the gene therapy industry has gradually matured, leading the third industrial revolution in biomedicine. But in this field, delivery strategy has always been one of the.. Read More

Please see if the picture is normal

Problem description: Hello, please look at the picture. The epidermis of the scrotum is stretched like this. Is it a varicocele? Question date:2020-10-06 Patient information:Age: 20 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, the photo shows that there is obvious bulging of the veins, and the possibility of varicocele should be considered. Guidance suggestion: Are there symptoms such as scrotum swelling pain, frequent urination, urgency, painful urination, and decreased sexual function?.. Read More

Forefront丨Didi Cargo Financing was 7 times oversubscribed, the battle in the same city freight field started

The same-city freight market may reshuffle. On the morning of January 13th, Didi Freight may raise more funds in its recent financing. It is reported that Didi Cargo initially planned to sell up to US$400 million in shares in December, but after investors’ oversubscription reached 7 times, Didi Cargo is currently considering raising more funds. Additional financing may be carried out this month, but the final plan has not yet.. Read More

Hongkou District, Shanghai: Focus on the sale of the commanding heights of Puxi this year to ensure that good people can be found

On January 13, 2021, when Hu Guangjie, the mayor of Hongkou District, Shanghai gave a government work report, he stated that the main expected goal of the economic and social development of the entire district in 2021 is: general public budget revenue will increase by 6%, and foreign investment will reach 1.5 billion US dollars. The total investment in fixed assets increased by 10%, and the expropriation of old reforms.. Read More

I have a cold, some cough, what should I do

Problem description: Sore throat in the first two days, runny nose is clear, no cough, body tenderness, thought it was a cold and cold. On the first day, there was no medicine for cold and cold, so I took the medicine for cold and cold. I went to buy it the next day, took cold and cold medicine, and then took ibuprofen before going to bed at night. I woke.. Read More

Market News丨Provide Lidar for NIO ET7, Innovusion receives tens of millions of investment from Joyson Electronics

The costly lidar has a trend of gradual price reductions. New players have entered the lidar track. On January 12, Joyson Electronics announced that the company has recently completed its strategic investment in lidar manufacturer Innovusion. According to market news, the investment amount is tens of millions of yuan. Joyson Electronics will cooperate with Innovusion through its subsidiary Junlian Zhixing to provide ultra-long-distance high-precision lidar for the first sedan ET7.. Read More

Dizziness, difficulty breathing

Problem description: I often feel dizzy and have difficulty breathing from the afternoon to the evening, and I feel like I am going to fall down. I had a gastroscope some time ago and I had chronic non-atrophic gastritis. In March I have done chest ct and found no problems, may I ask the doctor what disease is this! Question date:2020-10-06 Patient information:Age: 35 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: According.. Read More

How did the business model of mobile games get to where it is today?

Channel is king, but content is king. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “of people and gods Fen” (ID: tongyipaocha), Author: God people were excited. The world is suffering for a long time The article should start with a piece of news. On the first day of New Year’s Day, the Huawei App Store suddenly removed all Tencent’s games (or Tencent took the initiative to remove.. Read More

Go to the hospital today to get the test result and see that the prothrombin time is 9.0 low

Problem description: Go to the hospital today to get the test results and see that the prothrombin time is 9.0 lower. The other items are all a bit low. Ask the doctor for help.Date of problem:< /b>2020-10-06 Patient information:Age: 40 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Send the test results to me Now, I don’t know why this check is required. Guide and suggestion: At the end, this situation also needs.. Read More