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These 7 most people don’t know the built-in features that make Chrome very good.

Turn on the corresponding switch to make your Chrome better. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “minority” (ID: sspaime) author: chemical mood under 2. Compared to the mobile Chrome, the more powerful and comprehensive desktop Chrome is probably the most frequently used desktop software for you and me every day. Multi-end data synchronization and practical extensions make it a “super application” on your computer. The near-unlimited desktop.. Read More

The Daily News | US Mission Review, Softbank Asia, Bertelsmann, Sequoia China and other OPay 120 million US dollars in financing; Softbank has raised 2 billion US dollars for the second vision fund

As well, Blackstone Group invested in India’s Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited (FLFL) for $244 million; Temasek-backed Brazilian venture capital Monashees plans to raise $280 million for its ninth fund. India Blackstone Group invests $2.44 billion in Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited (FLFL), a fashion fashion company owned by the Indian retail giant Future Group. According to DealStreetAsia, Blackstone Group invested approximately $244 million in bonds through FLY’s holding company, Ryka Commercial.. Read More

The first launch | “three and a half” completed tens of millions of A round of financing, becoming the first domestic brand to top the Tmall double 11 coffee list

Chinese coffee brand C debut. Exclusively learned that the boutique coffee brand three and a half consecutively completed A and A + two rounds of financing totaling tens of millions of dollars, the two rounds of financing are led by Tiantu Capital, the old shareholder Fengrui Capital and investment. In November last year, three and a half times won the 10,000-level Pre-A round of financing led by Fengrui Capital. After.. Read More

Red layered with cargo net: head rollover, waist stick, tail self-sufficient pocket

Title from: Oriental IC 268.4 billion yuan, with the sound of zero o’clock on November 12, the 2019 Tmall “Double Eleven” real-time turnover data rolled for 24 hours is finally fixed in this figure. The same as the more than 260 billion turnover, this year Taobao lived for the first time as the protagonist of “Double Eleven”. The data shows that more than 100,000 merchants have opened live broadcasts during.. Read More

Do traditional watches, or do Apple Watch?

Now double growth. From the development path of Apple Watch in recent years, Apple has also given up its early pursuit of its fashion and luxury positioning. The most important part of the new product every year is mainly in the field of sports and health. . Some analysts also said that the emergence of smart watches will actually have a positive impact on the sales of traditional watches. “More.. Read More

80% of workplace anxiety caused by age can be solved through these 3 points

Breaking the 35-year-old law, easy forward Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Peng Xiaoliu” (ID: pengxiaoliu1985), author Peng Xiaoliu. 1. When can I feel old? It’s probably calmly accepting a child’s name as an uncle/aunt; probably when registering online to fill in a birthday, the year’s drop-down menu needs to go forward longer and longer; probably after doing something, use sleep instead of Go out for a.. Read More

The listed market capitalization is the super parent company, which is the sad and happy story of the 31-year-old WPS.

After Jinshan Software and Xiaomi were listed in Hong Kong, Lei Jun finally borrowed Jinshan Office to round out the A-share bell. On November 18, Jinshan Office landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Kechuang Board at an issue price of RMB 45.86 per share. The opening price rose to RMB 140, closing at 126.35, an increase of over 175%. Many reports classified Jinshan Office as the third listed company controlled.. Read More

How to judge whether you are depressed or anxious?

Sometimes it is not necessary to distinguish between the two. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: The current mainstream method for diagnosing mental problems in the medical community is to use a checklist system that clinicians compare to the patient’s reported experience to determine which disease. However,.. Read More

Lin Chi-ling’s big marriage: the stunner is in the world

This article is from WeChat public account:Gu Yu Lab – Tencent News (ID: guyulab) , author: Pakistan Yiyi, from the cover: vision China It’s only 30 years old to become famous. You can almost immediately recognize Lin Zhiling’s sense of crisis. She was careful and whispered, she did not dare to go over and fight. She’s a good post, can only be described by high emotional intelligence – it sounds.. Read More

Comet Evening News | Jinshan Office is listed on the Science and Technology Board; LeTV Building Judicial Auction is suspended; China Telecom and Jingdong Logistics signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement

Lei Jun has a new move today. Big company Jinshan Office is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Leijun’s office software and service provider Jinshan Office Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinshan Office) is officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The stock is referred to as “Jinshan Office” and the stock code is “688111”. The opening price is 140 yuan / share,.. Read More