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Tokopedia pre-IPO is on the horizon; Uber spends $450 million to acquire the Chilean grocery distribution platform Cornershop

As well, Gojek received $50 million from Japan’s “national prefix” investment fund Cool Japan; Uber India layoffs, 10-15% of employees will be fired. Southeast Asia Indonesia e-commerce unicorn Tokopedia is negotiating with investors for dual pre-IPO financing. According to DealStreetAsia, the company’s CEO, William Tanuwijaya, said that Tokopedia is considering listing in the country and other locations that have not yet been determined. However, due to uncertainties in the market,.. Read More

10 principles to improve work efficiency, you deserve to have

Each of us is like a hardworking bee The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Contemporary fast-paced life places increasing demands on our work efficiency. Efficient work means reducing the number of times you look at your phone, prioritizing your tasks and finding your goals. In other words,.. Read More

The growth rate of real estate loans has dropped for 14 consecutive months. Which areas are the new loans mainly invested in?

The growth rate of real estate loans has dropped for 14 consecutive months, and new loans have been invested in infrastructure construction, manufacturing, and service industries. Editor’s note: This article is from Economic Observer Online, Reporter: Hu Yanming, authorized to reprint On October 15, the third quarter financial data released by the People’s Bank of China showed that RMB loans increased by 13.63 trillion yuan in the first three quarters.. Read More

Holding a lightsaber, how does the reading group tell the story of the Star Wars China?

Users who open QQ reading or starting a book today can hardly ignore the 7-day limit banner of the home page “Star Wars”, and there may be an illusion of entering the Disney official website. On October 16th, Yuewen Group and Disney China officially announced the establishment of Star Wars brand cooperation, and the digital platform of 40 Star Wars Chinese version novels on the online reading is part of.. Read More

“Bal” is like a billion-dollar business

After 90, “bald” rises Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “100 million Network” (ID: i-yiou), author Qi Yeqing, editor Guo Mingxi, Yang Xuran. After being identified as “M-type third-level” hair loss, Li Nan is determined to go to the hair. After understanding the basic common sense of hair transplanting, he began to investigate the market of large-scale hair transplanting institutions. In his view, this is a shortcut… Read More

In-depth information | NetEase is getting closer and closer to the market, All in K12 needs blood transfusion after one year

On October 16, NetEase has updated its prospectus and announced that the largest fundraising for this IPO transaction is about $116 million. The company will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange on October 25. 文 | Daily Business Collection Netease is getting closer and closer to the market, All in K12 needs to transfuse blood a year later On October 16, NetEase has updated its prospectus and announced.. Read More

The seventh generation iPad experience: 3000 yuan budget, which iPad is the most suitable?

At this year’s Apple conference, the three-shot iPhone 11 Pro went so far, so when I told my friends that I got the seventh-generation iPad, most of their reactions were: You don’t say that I have forgotten that the iPad has new products. In fact, the seventh-generation iPad should never be taken lightly. With the upgrade of hardware and software, this entry-level “cheapest big-screen iPad” has long grown from a.. Read More

Guangdong “four small dragons” rushed 100 billion evaluation

“The housing company has a lot of high-quality land storage in Dawan District, and there is no suspense in the queue to advance to the 100 billion club. Behind the 100 billion, the project reputation crisis in China Aoyuan, the financial risk under the aggressive expansion of Midea Real Estate, the cost increase brought by the nationalization of Longguang Real Estate, and the super debt ratio of Kaisa are still.. Read More

Film and television company’s third-quarter transcript: the film company’s top students are the most prominent, the drama company has no explosions

The influence of the light media and Beijing culture on the explosion of movies has caused the performance to break out. There are also students in the film and television class. Due to the lack of film content, profits are falling or even losing money. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Puffin Video (ID: htysda), author of the cookie, editor Xie Weiping. As of October 15, according.. Read More

Why are we fascinated by WeWork?

WeWork always has a capability that makes people think it will be the exception Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Airline Agency” (ID: lifeissohappy), author book. These days, I was confused, why WeWork encountered difficulties at this time node and was denied. The domestic shared office, maker space, incubator, accelerator and other fields have experienced a survival crisis more than a year earlier than WeWork, which is.. Read More