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Think of your growth as an entrepreneur, high growth is the most important data indicator | Recruitment

If you learn how to run your own company and become bigger and stronger, then you should look at because you are exposed to a large number of high-quality startups every day at work, and I often come up with the idea: At the moment when information is flowing at a high speed, everyone is self-organizing, and “self-media”, you should consider your own growth as a business, that is, treat.. Read More

Morning Post | Apple’s original content investment has exceeded 6 billion / China’s first self-cultivation of cloned cats born / Jingani arson suspects or refused retaliation for submission

Apple has invested more than $6 billion in original content Products, according to the Financial Times, Apple’s spending on original TV shows and movies has exceeded $6 billion. Earlier reports said that Apple hopes to spend $1 billion on original content, but it has now exceeded its budget. According to the report, this is Apple’s efforts to catch up with Netflix, HBO and Disney. The report said that the drama.. Read More

Acquired the motorcycle of ofo India, blew the horn of the second half of the car?

For the last few kilometers of travel in India, motorcycles are the most flexible way and more efficient. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “” (ID:passagegroup), author Andolini. Authorized to reprint. According to Indian media reports, many people familiar with the matter said that Japanese investment giant Softbank is currently paying close attention to India’s travel areas, including the assessment of the two-wheeler traffic field, the purpose.. Read More

Game or fake news vaccine: simulation experience false information production chain, poison attack

The task is fictional and the immunity is real. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “All Media” (ID:quanmeipai), the author of Tencent Media. Fake news has always been a hot topic in the field of news communication. How to identify and resist fake news has attracted the attention of policy makers, technology companies, media reporters, scholars and think tanks. In this regard, the whole media has repeatedly.. Read More

Performance Express | Baidu 2019 Q2 Revenue reached 26.3 billion yuan, net profit fell 62% year-on-year

“These changes have brought phased pains and will have a positive and far-reaching impact.” Li Yanhong said in an internal letter after the release of the earnings report. After experiencing the “gray” financial performance of the previous quarter, Baidu ushered in the Q2 earnings report this year on August 20th, Beijing time (August 19th, US Eastern Time). First look at the market. In Baidu’s unannounced financial report of Q19 in.. Read More

The first launch | “KMOSE engraved rice” to complete the tens of millions of angel round financing, will continue to invest in channel layout

K1 will complete its revenue of RMB 3 million in the first month of its listing, and its revenue in August is expected to double. It is learned that the domestic emerging e-cigarette brand “KMOSE engraved rice” has recently completed the RMB 10 million RMB angel round financing, and the investors will not disclose it for the time being; this round of funds will be mainly used for the research.. Read More

Open letter to Tencent’s management: Does it make sense to change like this?

Dear Mr. Ma Huateng, Mr. Liu Chiping, Mr. Ren Yuxi, Mr. Zhang Xiaolong, Senior Manager of Tencent Company, Head of each business group Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet and Entertainment Strange Group” (ID: TMTphantom), author Yu Pei. This article only represents the personal views of the head of the thief, and does not represent any unit or organization to which it belongs; in the process.. Read More

Netflix’s Asian tactics: American original go out, overseas local original introduction

The land of attack and defense. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Western entertainment” (ID: EW-Entertainment ), the author of things entertainment. In 2016, Netflix began to expand its global market, and it was concentrated in Asia. We have previously done a strategic analysis of some of Netflix’s major Asian countries, and this time we have once again done an integration. The point of this integration is.. Read More

Xicha first launched the “take tea cabinet”, this time I really don’t have to line up.

“Do you still line up with tea or hi tea?”, “Yes.” Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ retail boss internal reference ” (ID: lslb168), author: Yang Yafei. Core Guide: 1. How did the idea of ​​taking a tea cabinet come about? What is special about the Hi Tea Restaurant? 2. How many homes are there in the tea shop? Compared with the beginning of the year,.. Read More

Starting | Collaboration with the Forbidden City and Disney, the “Mystery House” completed 40 million A2 round of financing

Break through the ceiling, online entertainment and IP of offline entertainment. It was learned that the “Mystery House” recently completed a 40 million A2 round of financing. This round of investment was led by game company Miha Tour Chuang Capital and the old shareholders detonated the point of capital and investment. Mystery House is mainly engaged in creative push puzzle games and real-life entertainment content design. It completed the 5.. Read More