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Huawei does not build a car: Hong Meng’s first experience may be on a smart car.

/span> ▼Huawei Smart Car Solution consists of five parts Data Source: Huawei On the other hand, from the recruitment revelation of Huawei’s current business unit, its job responsibilities are basically based on software algorithms and system solutions. According to the recruitment announcement issued by Huawei on June 28, the company is currently recruiting 2020 Ph.D. students for intelligent driving researcher, smart cockpit researcher, AI algorithm optimization/system platform researcher, smart car.. Read More

Founder in transformation: how to avoid falling into inaction

After asking 100 founders, CEOs, and venture capitalists, here are some answers. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Redwoods” (ID: Sequoiacap), author Hong Shan. The life of an entrepreneur has almost no time to press the pause button, right? There is always another patch to fight, another fund to raise, and another flight to catch up… This forces the entrepreneur to be both the master of time.. Read More

Knowing that it is fast-handed Baidu, Douban have retired?

Know how to take the express train, what can the opponents do? Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Zinc Scale” (ID: znkedu), authors Chen Dengxin, Li Qilin, editing yellow guns; This article was first launched by Tencent Technology, please do not reprint without authorization. 1. Baidu, Zhihu, and fast-handed have internal integration requirements for the content industry, and can completely build a complete content industry chain… Read More

Betta fish stocks rebound: Why fast game live broadcast will impact tiger teeth, but does not affect betta

Last Tuesday, the stock price of Betta fell to a low of 7.84 US dollars since its listing on July 17, but then it started to rebound. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “IPO knows it” (ID: Ipozaozhidao), author Shi Yuanjing. According to the IPO, I knew that the stock price of Betta fell to the lowest point of 7.84 US dollars since the listing on July.. Read More

Performance Express | Tencent Music 2019 Q2 Financial Report: Online Music Paying User Innovation Up to 31 Million

This is the largest net increase since the first quarter of 2018. On August 13, Tencent Music announced its earnings for the second quarter and the first six months of June 30, 2019. In 2019, Q2, Tencent’s total revenue increased by 31% year-on-year to 5.9 billion yuan, and the market estimate was 5.94 billion yuan. Net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was RMB 927 million, slightly lower than.. Read More

Morning Post 丨 hammer new mobile phone or will be released / Pixel 4 real machine exposure / fast hand 450 million US dollars led to know

Pixel 4 Real Machine Exposure The Teen Tech of the British media exposed two real-life maps known as Pixel 4 yesterday. As can be seen from the figure, in addition to the wider forehead, the Pixel 4 is suspected to be relatively narrow in side and bottom, and has a design of equal width. From the previous exposure information, the Pixel 4’s “wide forehead” will be equipped with a new.. Read More

“Shaoxhuang Technology”: Q3 will push integrated MR smart glasses, ink, split MR smart glasses, Jim Air | New Technology Venture 2019

5G brings a new round of VR AR heat Respondent: Shanghai Yingchuang Information Technology Co., Ltd. Respondents: Co-founder & COO Hu Jinxin Q1, What progress has the company made in technology, products, marketing, commercialization, financing, and team? In 2016-2018, the company has developed five prototypes, including “Shadow Air AR Smart Glasses”, “Shadows Halo Mini Smart AR Glasses” and “New Air AR Smart Glasses”, in optics and structure. More than 100.. Read More

Startup | Rapid development of enterprise applications with “low code” PaaS, ClickPaaS received millions of dollars in Series A financing

Forrester predicts that the market for low-code development platforms will reach $15.5 billion in 2020. Low-code development platform is a tool that can quickly generate applications without coding or with a small amount of code. On one hand, it can reduce the labor cost of enterprise application development, on the other hand, it can develop in the past several months or even years. Time is shortened to help companies realize.. Read More

In-depth information | Share the charging treasure brand not far from one leg, selling e-cigarette is a good way out?

The e-cigarette market is huge, full of imagination, the track is hot enough, and there is no shortage of money. It is a rare air outlet industry. 文 | Daily Business Selection Shared charging treasure brand that is not far from one leg, selling e-cigarette is a good way out? According to the news from the media “Blue Hole New Consumption”, many shared charging treasure brands have begun to enter.. Read More

Adding an independent game business, “Connected Star Dream” launched “Getting to the Bowl” and “Braver’s Rage” | New Technology Venture 2019

5G brings a new round of VR AR heat Q1, 2019 to present, what progress has the company made in technology, products, market, commercialization, financing, and team? In 2018, after the VR game “Human Rescue Plan” was released online, Sony began to transform into a more mature and fast-growing independent game market, considering the slow growth of the C-end market of VR games. The development of two independent games, “Come.. Read More