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On the idle fish, you can see what the wonderful people of the country are doing every day.

Your online folk treasure house. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Bounced Seas” (ID :meerjump), the author of the hospital to run carbonated dogs. Every young person will be tortured by two soul problems before going out. One is “Where is my socks?” and the other is “Where is my other airpods?” As if the two airpods are mutually exclusive magnets, this kind of small thing.. Read More

Forefront | WeWork, a $47 billion valuation, has never been profitable, but it has to go public.

Unfortunately, investors are not so patient with such a blueprint but a shy company. The prospectus was finally released, and WeWork’s holding company, The We Company, is expected to be listed as soon as September. After Lyft and Uber, the US stock market will usher in a company that has never been profitable but has a high valuation. With a valuation of 47 billion US dollars, WeWork is enough to.. Read More

Why do humans never be able to colonize Mars?

Unless we are transformed into new species. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Numerous science fiction novels have given man an ambitious future: to become the master of the universe. One of the most unimaginative prospects is the establishment of a permanent colony on Mars. Iron Man.. Read More

The historic rise of Chinese mobile phones: strategic evolution from the edge to the future center |

this article comes from the public number Tencent Shenwang (ID: qqshenwang), author Zhou treasurer, love Fan Er authorized release. Editor’s note: Ten years, China’s mobile phone companies from weak to global leadership, what is the profound logic behind its historic rise? Tencent’s “Deep Network” has exclusive cooperation with business strategy expert Zhou Shucai and Christoph Loch, Dean of the Jiaji Business School of the University of Cambridge, UK. Based on.. Read More

In-depth information | New report: European mobile phone market changes, millet surge, Huawei encounters resistance

In Q2 2019, Samsung’s market share accounted for the largest share of Samsung. The fastest growth was in Xiaomi, and both Huawei and Apple shipments declined. 文 | Daily Business Collection New report: European mobile phone market changes, millet surges, Huawei encounters resistance Canalys recently released the European smartphone market analysis report for the second quarter of 2019. The report pointed out that in 2019, Q2, the largest share of.. Read More

Do GitHub in the biosphere, “Bio-protocol” works with Science/AAAS to improve experiment repeatability

Improving the repeatability of scientific research results The research of life sciences is a long process. The scientists’ efforts are concentrated in individual experiments. The achievements of scientists are embodied in a paper, every exciting science. The discovery is “standing on the shoulders of giants.” However, the information between the labs is not shared and transparent. Compared with the interconnected Internet, the scientific research community is a relatively closed circle… Read More

Compound: subsidizes 1 billion users, how is Boss directly engaged in the growth, retention and platform ecology of the recruitment platform?

The Boss is directly engaged in product development experience for 5 years. In July of this year, Boss directly launched the “Millions of BOSS Billion Plan”: the first decision-maker for the newly registered company of the platform, who can get thousands of dollars through job certification within 30 days after registration. The platform’s commercial products help users accurately reach high-quality job seekers and improve the efficiency of Boss recruitment. In.. Read More

Performance Express | Lenovo Q1 net profit doubled more than expected, but the capital market does not give “face”

In the past two years, Lenovo has adopted a sound strategy in its operations to seek profitable growth. On August 15, Lenovo released its first-quarter results for the fiscal year ending 2019/2020 as of June 30. Lenovo’s first-quarter revenue and net profit were higher than expected. Revenues of $11.156 billion(85 billion yuan), up 5% year-on-year,Achieved year-on-year growth for eight consecutive quarters; pre-tax profit of $240 million (1.64 billion yuan), an.. Read More

The front line | 5G just to land, Huawei is going to grab the 6G commanding heights

China, Finland and South Korea are already embarking on 6G pre-research. Communication standards are always a commanding height to compete for, and now the battle has begun. According to foreign media reports recently, Huawei is about to start research and development of 6G (the sixth generation mobile communication network) technology in its laboratory in Ottawa, Canada. Huawei’s lab in Ottawa was established in 2010. The laboratory has extensive cooperation and.. Read More

Strategic Thinking behind “One of the Two Great Sauces in China”

Langjiu, a “one tree and three flowers”, leads the development of the company with the sauce as the core. Wang Junlin, Chairman of Langjiu Group: Positioning is the law of the enterprise. Once positioned, all actions of the company must be centered around. Targeting and Leading Strategy China’s Enterprise Practice Enlightenment 11 Wang Junlin, Chairman of Langjiu Wine: Strategic Thinking behind “One of China’s Two Great Sauces” There is data.. Read More