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AI 谣 谣 | VIPKID capital chain break? Is the Tesla Shanghai plant mass production this month? Will Lamborghini be sold?

Check out the authenticity of the most watched news VIPKID capital chain break? In recent days, a number of unidentified sources have been disseminated on the Internet such as social platforms, and the content alleged that VIPKID “data fraud” “is going to close down” and “may be thundering.” AI recognition analysis The AI ​​identification system was informed after the intelligent collection and analysis of the network information. On October 14,.. Read More

How to save the difficulty of choice?

Are you an “optimized” decision maker or a “satisfied” decision maker? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Kizhi School” (ID: openmindclub), author society Dr. Wang Fei, Ph.D., authorized to reprint. The choice is not tangled, the key is not the amount of options, but how much information needs to be processed in the entire selection scenario. Does the choice of difficulty really exist? In life, we face.. Read More

NASA launches new generation of moon landing suits, plans to return to the moon in 2024

The United States officially announced the relaunch of the moon landing plan two years ago. According to NASA last year, a new Space Exploration Program was announced, not only Restart the moon landing plan and send humans to Mars. After more than half a century, returning to the moon, the astronauts’ equipment has also undergone many upgrades. Yesterday NASA released A new generation of spacesuits and revealed the Technical details,.. Read More

Focusing on the research and development of peptide drugs, “McKot” received Pre-A round of financing of 115 million yuan from institutions such as Aurora Ventures

McCoyt wants to build a platform-based innovative drug development company that develops First-in-Class and Best-in-class varieties Recently, “Mccoot (Shaanxi Mactech Technology Co., Ltd.) announced the completion of the Pre-A round of financing of 115 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Arctic Light Ventures, and four institutions including Tianshili Capital Holdings, Detong Capital and Junying Growth Fund. The financing will be mainly used to promote the clinical research.. Read More

The CRO industry continues to be a hot one, and “Bomai Bio” has completed nearly $50 million in Series B financing.

Since its establishment three years ago, it has served more than 200 projects for more than 80 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. It is reported that CRO’s “Bangmai Bio” announced the completion of nearly 50 million US dollars B round of financing, Wei Wei Capital led investment, Junlian Capital, Qiming Venture Capital and Lilly Asia Fund and investment. This round of funds will be used to strengthen the comprehensive capacity and information.. Read More

Sold hundreds of artificial meat patties, the company’s market value soared 1.6 billion – 37,000 people happy, but the regulatory letter came

“The first domestic artificial meat patties” is on sale, will you buy it? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Daily Economic News” ( ID: nbdnews), edited by Zhao Yun and Du Hengfeng. In May of this year, American artificial meat company Beyond Meat listed on NASDAQ in the United States, which surged 163% on the first day, creating the best performance of the first day of.. Read More

Science and Technology God Reply | Ren Zhengfei: Foreigners can be Huawei CEOs, foreigners see two conditions to say goodbye

More than the news, the wonderful netizen God responded, together to see ~ Jia Yueting creditor list exposure: the largest creditor Yingda capital 279 million US dollars; “League of Legends” mobile game official microblogging online: game display video ice big You can turn around… In the evening, look back at the technology news and the netizen’s reply that you should not miss. Jia Yueting Creditor List Exposure: Max Creditor Yingda.. Read More

Make the plastic surgery a big variety, “the female devil heads to drive” is intended to create more doctors IP

In the entertainment way to popularize the professional knowledge involved in medical beauty; also help plastic surgeons to create personal IP, improve industry influence. With the rise of the “Yanyuan Economy”, the medical and aesthetic plastics industry has ushered in rapid development. At present, China has become the world’s second largest medical beauty market and one of the fastest growing countries in the world. According to Frost & Sullivan’s forecast.. Read More

First launch | “Huilian Unlimited” completed several hundred million C round of financing, and took the lead in capital investment, despising technology, Bojiang Capital, Huachuang Capital and investment

Continue to strengthen the ability to extract value for IoT data. Obtained, On October 16, 2019, LoraWAN Technology Provider in China’s Internet of Things, Loh Wai Unlimited Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huilian Unlimited”) in Beijing and China Communications Services Co., Ltd. ( The following is referred to as China Unicom) to hold strategic cooperation and investment signing ceremony, and to announce Huilian Unlimited C-round financing information, with.. Read More

10 years, know why it is still “making money hard”?

At that time, what kind of story can you tell? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Little Finance” (ID: yidiancaijing), author/party, edit/刘煜. Knowing is still one of the most valuable content platforms on the Internet. From the continuous investment of Tencent to the joint investment of Fast and Baidu, it is the richest capital that has been settled in the past 10 years. But when you know.. Read More