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Bright red wedding dress

That night, I was Jing He’s bride to be married. Wearing a bright red dragging long skirt. Independent against the wind. The tulle fluttered, the skirt angle fluttered, like a burning fire, wrapped around my icy body that was gradually disappointed. At 19 o’clock, at the appointed time, Jing He didn’t come in person. Outside the window is a dying rose, like my hopeless love. He will not come. The.. Read More

Fishing for the basement business, developers need to calculate a few accounts

Feelings. The construction of the basement includes garages, civil air defense spaces, equipment rooms, storage spaces and other forms. Among them, for the needs of national defense security, the bottom layer of the underground is generally used as a civil air defense space. There are separate design standards for reinforced concrete content, protective doors, structural outer walls, underground waterproofing, and foundation pit support. But from a commercial point of view,.. Read More

How to invest in Houlang: from TikTok Trader to “Ant Investor”

Source | Zhiyi Finance (ID: foronefin) Author | Jiang Hao Corli Title map | Visual China Directory: TikTok Trader How do Robinhoods attract young people Democratic concept, cutting investment, no commission Commission-free past and present The mystery of commission-free-order rebate point Member, loan interest income: enough to cover commission-free losses? The days of Robinhood are not so good: Competitive model changes, traditional brokers catch up; rebate model changes, rebate income.. Read More

Go with you

One. Ayue stood in front of the mirror, but unfortunately her pale face could no longer be reflected in the mirror. The man came over and took a Mongolian machete out of the drawer, don’t put it on his back waist, turned around and walked to the bed to pick up his coat and put it on. He didn’t seem to know that there was another person in his room… Read More

Closed stores nationwide, Disney English lost in China

From June 26, students will enter the refund process, and will also provide compensation for the affected employees to leave. Editor’s note: This article is from Zinc Finance, author Luo Yaying . On June 22, the Disney English WeChat public account released “A Letter to Disney English Students and Parents.” The letter mentioned that affected by the global epidemic, Disney English will stop online courses from now on and will.. Read More

The person who helped Steve Jobs write a speech at Stanford University is gone

The person who helped Steve Jobs write the Stanford speech is gone. Goodbye, Professor Michael Hawley. Perhaps many people will find it strange: Is this not Steve Jobs’ own classic speech? On June 12, 2005, Jobs was invited to give a speech at the graduation ceremony of Stanford University. With his personal experience of dropping out of school, entrepreneurship and illness, he encouraged students to grasp the short life and.. Read More

Insurance sales

Xiang was sent to the office building on Guanxi Street on the first day to check the software provided by the company to customers. This office building is quite tall, and the all-glass outer wall is particularly dazzling in the sunlight. Some birds like to steal some shiny broken glass to decorate their nests, which shows that there is still some commonality between creatures in nature. The first customer is.. Read More

Garage horror

Yi Chunfeng walked into the office and threw the key loudly on the table. The sound from the next table came together and picked up the bunch of keys: “Gee, you really married the beauty who has been in secret for many years!” Yi smiled and grabbed the key from his hand: “For my wife, I can save It’s been two years for the food inspection! Let’s try it out.. Read More

From the 84 players and 50 companies of “The Name of the Teenager”, see the “final game” of the draft

Feng Jun, and Banana Entertainment, whose former major shareholder is Wang Sicong.   According to statistics, there are more than 40 brokerage companies behind the “Name of Youth” players. Among them, idol brokerage companies represented by Lehua Entertainment, Awakening East, Asian Song Culture, Black Gold Project, and Craftsman Entertainment have delivered trainees to multiple talent shows, and many of their artists have successfully debuted.   Most of the “old players”.. Read More