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Red embroidered shoes

Li Li and Xiao Bin are classmates, they are in the third grade. Li Li and Xiao Bin are two years old and strong, but Xiao Bin is very weak and has no power to restrain him. The two of them are not far from each other. Every day, they go to and from school together, which is very good. Four days after graduation, they added self-study. The get out.. Read More

Under the roadside tree

It’s the third day on December 16 with rain and rain. “He” is still standing there. Today, “He” is still standing with rain and rain. The indifferent eyes can’t hide an eager expectation, I seem to be looking forward to something coming.. It’s fine today on December 19th. Xiaoli asked me to hang out with them. I want to be with them tonight. Talked, a large group of girls came.. Read More

Jack the Ripper

The British crime file still has the bizarre murder. In about two months from August 31 to November 9, 1888, five prostitutes were brutally murdered in a white church in the East End of London. This murderous demon was Jack the Ripper. Before the 19th century, London did not have a complete police system. It was not until 1829 that Scotland Yard established a police system throughout the city, and.. Read More

Head massage

Modern people will enjoy it. They like to live with seafood, singing and dancing, and getting worse. As an aspiring young man, I hate these decaying things and I will not be with these people. The only thing I don’t like about these new things, and I feel a little itchy. I want to try it for myself, but it’s actually a massage. Because it is said that massage has.. Read More


He leaned down and kissed Carrie’s lips. There was no response. She slept soundly. His courage was a little more bold, and he simply turned off the lights, and went to bed, untied Carrie’s pajamas buttons, and reached out to touch her smooth **. Carrie’s body seemed to tremble, but she did not resist, Pence thought it was a tacit consent. His movements were bolder, and she took off Carrie’s.. Read More

Moving mannequin

Lingcheng is an ancient small county town far away from large towns. Because of its remoteness, it has never been developed. In recent years, with the deepening of reform and opening up, some large investors have taken a fancy to this wild land. In just a few years, high-rise buildings have risen from the ground and buildings are in groups. The Spirit City is in full swing, and various new.. Read More

Mountain Village Real Edition-Night Cry 3

There are rumors of rising ghosts everywhere. It is said that at night or in the mountains, if you see a stone or something longer and higher, then the eight achievements are encountering rising ghosts. The solution is to quickly take off the shoes and throw it at it, and the throwing must be higher than it… otherwise, hehe… then it will be pressed against you as a whole, if.. Read More

This is real

I remember when we were trained in Chenggongling, we had an incredible thing happening……… In September last year, I went to be a so-called The young soldiers originally thought that the army was really going on vacation like what brother said, but one thing happened… The army is about to stand on the ground, and it is about to end training. At that time, when a connected partner was about.. Read More

on the way home

In a word, there was once a story in a university: there was a female student in Shanghai who had something to do in school once and came home late on the weekend. Because her family lives in the suburbs, she has to take a CMB when she returns home. The story happened on the CMB she was riding on. The traffic in suburban counties was originally more convenient than.. Read More