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Tencent releases “White Paper on Emerging Design Talents on the Internet”: Designers also need to understand procedures

It seems difficult for designers to blend the artistic expression of images with the complex code of programmers. But now, they may not “fight” again. Editor’s note: This article comes from “Interface News”, Reporter | Shiqi Xu. On December 7, Tencent’s User Research and Experience Design Department (CDC) joined BOSS directly to jointly release the “White Paper on Internet Emerging Design Talents” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”). The.. Read More

TOP30 Private Equity Funds in 2019: State-owned and USD funds are “not bad”, and consumption and industry upgrades are attracting much attention

When the hustle and bustle came to an end, calmness became the beginning of the golden age. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Rongzhong Finance ” (ID: thecapital), author Shi Xiaopu, Miao Tong. In the equity investment market in 2019, state-owned assets and US dollar funds have become two major protagonists. According to statistics, as of the end of November, the total amount of capital raised.. Read More

The fantasy drifting of the China Sea predator and the “Little Temple”

This article is from the WeChat public account: Alpha Works (ID: alpworks) , author: Linxiao Chen, from the cover: Oriental IC On November 30th, Ali New Retail released a new action, and Hema’s first digital shopping mall, Hemali, officially opened. The incident itself did not have much turbulence. Instead, a Hong Kong-listed company called “Silbao” (HK: 00312) behind the “Box Mali” attracted outside Attention eyes: “Whether it is Hema Xiansheng.. Read More

The God of Technology responded 丨 Ericsson acknowledged that 7.4 billion yuan was paid for bribery in five countries.

Netizens, who are more wonderful than the news, reply, let ’s take a look ~ Huawei P40 renderings are exposed; Taoji Ji announced the failure of merger and acquisition and reorganization; Xiaomi has become the world ’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer … God of news and netizens reply. Huawei P40 rendering exposure: front double punch + curved screen December 8th news, Twitter blogger Teme exposed the rendering of Huawei.. Read More

Highlights of overseas e-commerce shopping festivals: emerging markets pursue fashion, video elements become a weapon with goods

In this year, the main trends emerging in overseas e-commerce are video content shipments, rising demand for women, and rising demand for second-hand transactions. The rapid development of network infrastructure and online payment in emerging markets has given many e-commerce opportunities to grow rapidly. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “TouchBig Data” (ID: bigdata_touchpal) / a>. Foreword The traditional festivals and shopping needs at the end.. Read More

More and more people are switching to streaming media, and cable operators no longer have to bother to retain old customers

Video streaming, led by Netflix, has the potential to replace traditional TV networks. Anyway, cable companies have given up their efforts to retain customers. This is one of the main contents of the latest report by analysis company MoffettNathanson. In the third quarter, the number of subscribers to traditional cable and satellite TV services in the United States decreased by 1.8 million, a record high and a year-on-year decline of.. Read More

“U.S. Mobile Game Market and User Behavior Survey Report” released: 3169 user surveys 150+ charts reveal huge potential for six types of games

Console games are still the main category of the US game market, but mobile games have more room for development. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Game Industry Report” (ID: CNGgame) , author: gamma data. Gamma Data recently released the “2019 U.S. Mobile Game Market and User Behavior Survey Report”, which you may have seen. So far, the most detailed, professional, and in-depth survey of the U.S… Read More

Deep analysis: Intel under AI

Faced with the failure of Moore’s Law and the revival of AI, Intel had to transform. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ iFeng Technology ” (ID: ifeng_tech ), Author Xiao Yu. Intel Nervana chip for training the nervous system The in-depth article published by the business magazine “Fast Company” states that in the context of Moore’s Law being faced with failure and artificial intelligence (AI) renaissance,.. Read More