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“A station, you will buy copyright blindly!”

Wubba lubba dub dub! Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet North” (ID : Hlwzhibei) . If you want to choose the most animated cartoons in 2019, “Rick and Morty” will obviously be a high-frequency answer, not even one. Taking Douban score as an example, this animated work with a big brain hole and weird style completed the debut of many classic beauty such as “The Simpsons”.. Read More

If you feel like you ’re having a hard time, check out a Japanese gangster

This article is from the public number: Write a story for you (ID: raistlin2017) , of: handsome, from FIG title: “Outrage” 01 I saw a news yesterday. It is reported by Japan’s “Kobe Shimbun” on the 4th that the Japanese police arrested a suspect named Nakata Hiroshi. He is the core figure of the Japanese gang “Kobe Yamaguchi” and serves as the leader of the “Sanken” group. On August 21.. Read More

The National Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Company was established, and the “three barrels of oil” monopoly was gradually broken

This article is from the WeChat public account: China Securities Journal (ID: xhszzb) , author: Liu Yang Zhou days, the original title: “The state oil and gas pipeline company, or leveraging the 300 billion yuan market demand, which will bring good? 》, Cover from: Oriental IC On December 9, the National Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline Network Group Co., Ltd. was officially established in Beijing, marking a key step in.. Read More

Can you make a cartoon into a love action movie?

This article is from the public number: BB Ji (ID: bibiji300) , author: GK, title figure from: vision China Seeing that this year is coming to an end, someone needs to askWhat are my hottest cartoons in 2019, I will not hesitate to answer: “Devil’s Blade”. Charcoal world first Even if the animation has been completed for several months, it will still be searched on Weibo for new comic information… Read More

Chinese peacekeeping police in Africa: going back alive has become the biggest wish

This article is from the WeChat public account: ugly story (ID: chougushi) , Narrative / written by Li Xiaofei / Niuniu, original title: “380 days of African peacekeeping, birth to death, thrilling! 》, Cover from: Oriental IC One, “Ebola” infection, people will be gone in two days I recently saw a report. A 23-year-old Chinese peacekeeping soldier was infected with Plasmodium during a peacekeeping mission to Africa. After returning to.. Read More

In the past three years, 16 cities have issued policies restricting “commercial reform to live”

“The policy of prohibiting ‘commercial-to-residential’ changes has affected the activity of the commercial and residential apartment market. Buyers and speculators are more cautious when it comes to commercial and residential apartments, and continued decline in volume will bring down prices. Editor’s note: This article comes from Zhongjing Jingwei , author: Xu Shiming, authorized reprint . Recently, the Foshan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued a notice prohibiting commercial apartments from.. Read More

Beijing sold 51 non-industrial lands in November

In the first 11 months of Beijing, a total of 51 non-industrial lands were sold, with a limit of over 60%. Editor’s note: This article comes from Real Estate , author: Liu Chang, authorized reprint. In November, Beijing sold a total of 4 lands (excluding industrial land), attracting 13.301 billion yuan in gold, and the total construction area of ​​the 4 lands totaled 217,500 square meters, with an average.. Read More

Little red book, isn’t it?

Author: deep sound, drawing from the title: Vision China Xiao Hongshu, which had been taken off the shelves four months ago, still seems to have lost his vitality. Although it went on sale in mid-October to catch up with Double Eleven, the promotion of Xiaohongshu Coupon has not caused much waves. The protagonist of Double Eleven this year is e-commerce live broadcast. Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya and other anchors have.. Read More

5G is here, should you change to a new phone this year?

As in previous years, Qualcomm has once again updated its flagship processor-the Snapdragon 865-in Hawaii. Also coming is the mid-range Snapdragon 765 / 765G, which is Qualcomm’s first integrated 5G dual-mode baseband processor. At this point, the mobile phone processor has officially entered the era of SA / NSA dual-mode 5G. The term “true and fake 5G” will eventually end in 2019. By 30 days it was terminated by four.. Read More

The first recruitment meeting of the Enterprise Service Providers Alliance started!

Opportunities for the corporate services market. In 2019, ToC traffic peaked, and the amount of financing and the amount of financing fell steeply. In the cold winter of capital, the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of enterprises have become just needed. ToB, especially business services The market is embracing opportunities. But the traditional enterprise service market also has difficulties in brand building, customer acquisition, scale expansion, and financing difficulties. In.. Read More