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NeurIPS 2019: 13,000 attendees, award-winning papers announced, Microsoft Chinese scholars win classic paper awards

This year, a Chinese scientist, Lin Xiao from Microsoft, won the Classic Thesis Award for his research. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ Heart of the Machine ” (ID: almosthuman2014), author Synced, the original title was: “13,000 people participated in the conference, NeurIPS 2019 award-winning papers announced, Microsoft Chinese scholars won the classic paper award”. The NeurlPS 2019 conference was recently held, and the conference has.. Read More

The logic and dilemma behind skyscraper worship

This article is from the public number: Ice Glacier (ID: icereview) , author: Sunxin Qi, from the title figure: vision China, the original title “Central China’s tallest building work stoppage, FerrisLogic and Dilemma Behind Building Worship Skyscrapers burn so much money, why are there still people who regard it as an architectural miracle and continue to chase the “top of the world”? On October 30, the China Construction Third Bureau.. Read More

Netease Game Members Private Dining

What new modes do game members have? When you talk about game members, what do you think of first? Is it “Extreme VIP Click-to-Send” in page game advertisements, or “X Diamonds” or “XX members” with a lot of tricks in the era of online games, or a host member who recharges and plays N masterpieces on the host platform? For more than a decade, the tricks of game members are.. Read More

Big brother needs successor

The founder is eternal, and the successor can be replaced. Are the next generation of “heads” of the Internet ready? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “燃 财” (ID: rancaijing ), Author Kong Mingming, Editor Zhou Yifan . “A generation will grow old, but there are always young people.” On the afternoon of December 3, 2019, US time, Google ’s two founders, Larry Page and Sergey.. Read More

Massage shop in the community

Growing up, is no different from other children, loves beautiful, loves coquettishness, like her parents, loves to talk, and loves to fight with parents. When they were one or two years old, because they could n’t read the story to their children, they listened to the audiobooks to their daughters. The children loved listening. They really wanted to read the paper books. Enough. They never feel inconvenient or even want.. Read More

Microsoft wants developers to use unified design elements, so they worked with Samsung and Google designers to create a design system.

ft-fluent-design-mobile-office-apps-new-updates-features “> The Verge said in an interview:” When we look at the mobile market, we find that no one or company is on the voice and vision From a tiny point, no company has greatly increased the productivity of mobile phones. The advantage of this is that it will make Microsoft ’s mobile applications feel more consistent. This has the same goal as Windows Phone that has just passed.. Read More

Copy at home, go to company paste, this is probably the best clipboard tool to use

Clipboard storage and synchronization has always been a pain point for people with multiple devices. For Apple users, there are many options such as Paste, Alfred, Pin, etc .; for Windows users, there is Ditto; for all platform users, there is Quick Post. But these software either cannot synchronize with other clients or they need to pay. If I find the materials I need for work at home, how can.. Read More

Why are more and more people going to the gym?

This article is from the WeChat public account: China Youth Research (china-youth-study) , author: high Xin, the original title: “health practice at the sight disciplinary authority – to the gym, for example,” title figure from: vision China After the reform and opening up, with the advent of the consumer society and the rise of individualism, under the influence and promotion of structural factors such as the rapid development of the.. Read More

Morning Post | Apple’s highest computer and monitor will be on sale soon / CCTV News enters station B / Taojiji starts bankruptcy liquidation

Apple’s new Mac Pro and XDR displays are coming soon MacRumors news, Apple sent users an email notification that the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR monitors will be officially released on December 10 local time. In configuration, the new Mac Pro‌ has a built-in Xeon processor, up to 28 cores, supports 1.5TB of high-performance memory, 2 Radeon Pro II GPUs, and 8 PCIe expansion slots. Pro Display XDR.. Read More