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The front line | Amazon plans to push a new supermarket brand, to compete with Wal-Mart

Amazon continues to open the line to the next line e-commerce giant Amazon is still mad to the line to test. According to foreign media reports, on Monday, US time, Amazon said that it plans to launch a brand new physical supermarket brand in California, which is an important measure of Amazon’s continued efforts. A subsequent Amazon spokesperson responded to the report, acknowledging the plan – the new grocery supermarket.. Read More

The forefront of the car market in the winter test the power battery industry chain: BAK Power arrears, losses, seeking transformation

It is difficult for upstream car companies to return money, and power battery companies are facing a big test. The new energy automotive industry is accelerating the reshuffle and the domino effect appears. Recently, the Becker’s arrears are constantly fermenting. Due to the inability of Zotye to pay back, and affecting the financial situation of the upstream and downstream companies related to BAK Power, A-share companies such as Xinzhoubang, Hangke.. Read More

Chao Technology | Hengtong wants to acquire Huawei Ocean 100%: the domestic sea cable competition pattern is changing

If the market position of the “Big Three” in Europe, America and Japan is temporarily unable to move, the competition point of domestic enterprises is undoubtedly the national leader and the fourth in the world. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Optical Communication Observation” (ID: C114-guangtongxin), author Link. In early June, Hengtong Optoelectronics announced that it is planning to purchase a 51% stake in Huawei Ocean Network.. Read More

Tide Technology | “Star Chain” two hair, the fairing is reused for the first time, the same arrow fourth flight

The satellite has been improved, the first level is recycled again, and the fairing recovery is still based on “fishing” Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public number “Hang Xiaoyu” (ID: Hang Xiaoyu), author Hang Xiaoyu, original title ” “Star chain” second, the fairing is reused for the first time, the same arrow fourth flight, slightly cut. [Comprehensive News] Space Exploration Corporation launched the second group of 60 satellites.. Read More

Letter from the CEO | This “double 11”, the most fun is the “predictive algorithm”

The cost is mainly based on donations. Why is this happening? Because I am very happy to buy a lot of money, everyone is just willing to play like this. In contrast, the “Double 11” shopping festival is not a kind of hard to buy, I am happy? ! Online shopping is essentially an entertainment activity, lively and topical. So, the fun business will have more interaction and sharing, the.. Read More

The front line | The rookie logistics speed, the delivery time is shortened by 40 hours

Some netizens ridiculed that “this year’s logistics has directly changed from Harmony to Bullet.” Your double 11 express arrived? This year’s double 11, in addition to the dazzling turnover data, logistics has become one of the most discussed topics. Many of the author’s friends are feeling in the circle of friends. “This year’s logistics is too powerful, and the double 11 received the package on the same day.” The most.. Read More

Vertical screen drama died in 2019?

Don’t sing new species so quickly. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “drugs” (ID: youhaoxifilm ), the author He Runzhen. As one of the strategic products used by Long Video to defend against short videos, the vertical screen drama seems to have become a “paradox” this year: in the next step, it does not have the short video threshold of those more nipples, a step forward It.. Read More

Frontline | WeChat Windows version update, floating window function can be synchronized in real time on the PC side

In order to enhance the user experience, WeChat spares no effort in the details. How to skip the “File Transfer Assistant” and directly sync the mobile phone article to the PC? WeChat gives a new solution. A few days ago, WeChat Windows released a new version of v2.7.1.88, adding the “synchronize mobile phone floating window” function, you can synchronize the “floating window” task in real time on the mobile phone.. Read More

The front line | Baique antelope pigeon Li Jiaqi, is because of Vya cut off Hu?

Li Jiaqi and Weiya’s guns are dark, when is the head. “The next one, Baique Ling!” “The hundred que antelopes are not, today.” “If you don’t come, it doesn’t matter. If you can cooperate with Baique Ling, you can rely on fate.” This is the dialogue between Li Jiaqi and the male assistant on Taobao Live on the 11th, and the follow-up is the #博雀羚放李佳琦鸽#’s Weibo hot search. Li Jiaqi.. Read More

Front line | Millet folding mobile phone patent exposure: 5 pop-up cameras

Do you want to compete with Huawei? Since Xiaomi regards Huawei as an imaginary enemy, it is more powerful than a mobile phone camera. According to foreign media tigermobiles, the patent information of a set of Xiaomi foldable mobile phones was exposed in the database of the State Intellectual Property Office. The message shows that the phone has five horizontally-aligned cameras that can be used above the screens on both.. Read More