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An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

Have the right to be forgotten. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Game Research Society” (ID: yysaag), the author is hot. Authorized to reprint. The latest news went without a hit: adult film production company Bang Bros bought a website called PornWikiLeaks, and then burned all the data. For adult film actors, PornWikiLeaks is like a nightmare. The true information of more than 15,000 actors is listed.. Read More

At the end of the scale business, WeWork evaluates the IPO of the waist

Behind the rapid expansion of burning money and the devaluation of valuations, WeWork also has a star entrepreneur, a corporate culture of “not the same” and a stubborn investor, Sun Zhengyi. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Geek Park” (ID:geekpark), author Moonshot. On the evening of August 14, WeWork officially submitted an initial public offering (IPO) prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). WeWork has.. Read More

Behind the fans’ rumors, the sympathy and the fans’ sense of belonging

Why do fans like to declare? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Film Information Service” (ID :dianyingqingbaochu), author / north. —— “I don’t know my classmates. It’s just too much to declare.” ——“The movie box office is so low, what is the announcement?” After the director Yan Xuanfa and the film Fang Xuanfa, the movie fan group Xuanfa once again became the hot spot recently. Today, Xuanfa.. Read More

Apple’s new iPhone will produce 65 million units this year, which is the lowest in four years.

Apple’s total sales of new models in the second half of this year are estimated at 79 million units, down 7% from last year’s 85 million units. Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology”, review: Hey, authorized to reprint. Beijing time on September 11th at 1 am, Apple will hold a press conference to launch this year’s new mobile phone. What is Apple’s expectation for the sales situation of.. Read More

AI mistakenly deleted YouTube robot video, behind the identity anxiety that humans are hard to dispel

When the machine starts making decisions for us. Editor’s note: This article is from “Brain Pole” (ID: unity007 ), the author of Tibetan fox. Human is sometimes rational. In order for robots to learn skills, it is common to tamper with them and fancy abuse. Sometimes it is very emotional. Although we also know that robots with copper arms do not feel pain because they are hit, but still hope.. Read More

Jia Yueting announced his resignation late at night: he also wants to realize the “making a car dream” and pay off the debt as soon as possible.

“The reason why I gave up everything was to make FF and repay the remaining guarantee debt as soon as possible to realize the dream of transforming the automobile industry.” Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Daily Economic News” (ID: nbdnews), edited by Li Jinghan Du Bo. Jia Yueting, who has not updated Weibo for a month and a half, announced a heavy news last night (September.. Read More

Divale opened a store in Sanli, the cheapest speaker can also top four HomePod

What is the northern part of Taikoo Li, Sanlitun, Beijing? There is a big fashion brand Versace, next to Kardashian’s favorite Balmain, opposite Balenciga, and now the most popular street brand OFF-White. The words of Sanlitun North District always exude a kind of meaning that if you are not noble enough, don’t squeeze the three-point land. This afternoon, French audio brand Devialet held a brand event in Beijing’s Sanlitun North.. Read More

Bi Fukang, the father of BMW i8, took over as CEO of FF, and Jia Yueting is expected to take off the “Lai Lai” hat.

From the outside world, after Jia Yueting resigned from the CEO, he will help him to establish a debt repayment trust fund to achieve priority, quick and complete settlement of his personal remaining guarantee debt problem. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Leidi Touch” (ID: touchweb ) , author: Lei Jianping. Faraday Future (Following FF) today officially announced the appointment of Dr. Carsten Breitfeld as Global CEO… Read More

Jia Yueting resigned as the future CEO of Faraday, and the former founder Bi Fukang took over

Can FF still usher in life? Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Terence Lee Nan. Author | Li Yunan Edit | Liang Chen On September 3, Faraday Future (“FF”) released Announcement Teng CEO Bi Fukang succeeded Jia Yueting as the global CEO of FF. At the same time, Jia Yueting will resign as the chief product and operation officer of the FF.. Read More

What is “effective communication”: How to face a person who is difficult to communicate?

Know how communication difficulties occur, in order to know how to communicate effectively This article comes from “Zhang Jun study notes” (ID: talang1002015), author Wen Shi Zhang Jun I used to think that it was difficult for others to communicate, but then I found that people everywhere are difficult to communicate… So I began to reflect on whether I had a problem. I read a lot of books and read.. Read More