The e-commerce giant has not miscalculated, and consumers are still enthusiastic. This article is from the WeChat public account:City Telescope (ID: onecity1000), author : Pu Xiao, head picture from: Visual China

The “Double Eleven” has not arrived yet, and its mighty momentum has already been heard. In the past, pure e-commerce platforms used “money subsidies” as a gimmick and frantically searched users’ wallets. This has been alarming and can’t help but tie their hands.

Nowadays, the live broadcast has seized the opportunity of a dark horse and won the top spot in the “Double Eleven”. On October 21st, the top e-commerce anchors Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya brought 7.8 billion goods overnight, setting a record in the industry, making ordinary workers like me and other workers speechless.

In addition to the familiar “Platform Contributions”, the most notable feature of this year’s “Double Eleven” is that the activities will be launched in late October. As a result, the battle that should have ended overnight, the smashed giants continued to widen their boundaries.

E-commerce companies have not miscalculated, and consumers are still enthusiastic. Zhou Yu played Huang Gai’s game and tied them tightly in a digital carnival.

▴Li Jiaqi shoots the new song MV “Buy It” for the live broadcast

One, “false height” number

From 6:00 to 8:00 on October 20th, most Taobao anchors started live broadcasting before the festival. According to the statistics of Zhigua Data, the two super-head anchors Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya have accumulated 160 million and 148 million views respectively as of early morning.

▴Left is Li Jiaqi’s live room, right is Wei Ya’s live room

The numbers are amazing. Especially under the premise of 900 million Internet users in China.

Leave aside its authenticity, there is no evidence or speculation, but the number of viewers is really interesting.

Statistics of live viewing volume, divided into PV and UV. pv is the number of page refreshes, which is the number in the upper left corner of the live screen that we can see. Whenever the live broadcast is turned on, the data will be increased by one. uv is calculated based on the user’s IP address, even if it enters and exits 20 times, it only counts once.

The 160 million and 148 million calculated by Zhigua Data are both pv values. The same visitor keeps refreshing the page, and the pv number can also be increased.

▴Zhigua data screenshot

Adding sales seems to tell more.

According to statistics, the GMV of the two anchors both exceeded 3 billion. GMV is the transaction amount of the website, including paid, unpaid and returned goods. It can be used as a reference to analyze users’ purchase intentions and check the refund rate. It is also the number that everyone cares most about at the Double 11 gala over the years.

A huge amount cannot be equated with actual profit. It is difficult to say how much of it is the truth and how much is a bubble.

But in short, data changes rely on people’s initiative. After the live broadcast, the two anchors reached sales of 7 million to 10 million. If this is true data, it proves that the popularity of “Double Eleven” this year is still rising, and the demand for shopping in the live room is the mainstream.

In the nearly 8 hours of live broadcast, Li Jiaqi presented Hermes, Chanel, and Via drew blind boxes, and users all grabbed them. In Li Jiaqi’s official fan base, those who grabbed it cheered, and those who didn’t grab it questioned their internet speed. Li Jiaqi, who controls the emotions of both parties, did not forget to ring the bell and remind him: “Don’t sleep, sleep for a few hundred yuan. It’s gone.”

▴Weiya Double Eleven Lucky Draw Products

Whether it is consumer impulse, emotional release, or commodity demand, consumers have only one external manifestation-to enter the threshold of carnival. Are there any discounts? This is a mystery.

Second, the illusion of saving money

The author analyzed a video titled “Price comparison between Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya live room and purchasing agent” on station B and found that the price of live room does not have a prominent advantage in the category of first-line international skin care products.

For example, a certain liquid foundation of Estee Lauder, Weiya Live Studio is to buy 30ML and get 26ML of the same product. The total price of the same product is 410 yuan, and the price of a single bottle of 30ML is 258 yuan. Calculate it is sold at 7.32 yuan per milliliter in the live room, and the purchase price is8.6 yuan per milliliter.

Li Jiaqi’s promotion is similar. Armani has the same amount of liquid foundation, which comes with lip glaze, makeup primer and perfume, and foundation brush. The deposit is 80 yuan, and the total price is 630 yuan.

▴Screenshot of price comparison video at station B

The price of a single bottle in the live broadcast room is the same as that of the brand’s flagship store, and the price gap is not obvious compared to the purchase price. What does the live broadcast room rely on to create the illusion of preferential benefits?

The point is actually the demo. This is similar to the promotion method that the first-line brand physical stores make a fuss about the gifts-increase the total price while increasing the quantity.

Splitting the samples in the suits, with more products at the same price, directly hits consumers’ high expectations of cheaper prices.

Brands use the so-called “exclusive offers” in the live broadcast room to advertise their products. At the same time, with the help of the flagship store link attached below, the diversion part of the consumers who have fallen behind on the snapping up of the product has kept the price of the product. standard.

Of course, the anchor will not lose money. In this psychological game, the only ones who lose money and count the money are consumers who compare prices.

▴netThere are various versions of the price comparison table

Moreover, popular anchors like Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya have little differentiation in the selection of first-line brands.

The only difference is the content of the set. The same liquid foundation with makeup eggs or perfume becomes two types of discount products. This effectively prevents consumers from intuitively comparing prices of similar products.

Consumers have been bombarded with preferential benefits. The red envelopes issued by the merchants in the live broadcast room and the calculation rules for the full reduction of coupons are comparable to tongue twisters. Confused consumers, encountering the spoken explanations of the anchors, seemed to have encountered a savior.

The anchors described it as a mess. Consumers tried their best to grab “low-priced goods” after “extremely hardship” and thought they had picked up a big bargain.

In the final analysis, tens of millions of people are looting together in the live broadcast, which is not much different from group buying.

On the contrary, users waited all night, consuming time and energy. They bought products of equivalent cost, and unknowingly fell into a cycle of “buy, buy, buy”, and the petty profits they picked up were all positive and negative. Offset.

▴Netizens post Weibo teasing after the warm-up live broadcast of Double Eleven

Three, rules game

These are exactly what the platform means.

Last year’s Double 11, e-commerce live broadcast played an icing on the cake for Taobao’s promotional activities.

This year’s epidemic has promoted the potential of this market. Although the authenticity of the numbers is difficult to discern, the topic represents popularity and also indicates the steady rise of the entire live broadcast business.

In October, KPMG and Ali Research Institute released “The “Live Streaming E-commerce in a Trillion Billion Market” report predicts that the overall scale of my country’s live streaming e-commerce will exceed one trillion this year.

▴Report on “Live E-commerce Toward a Trillion Billion Market”

In addition to traditional e-commerce companies such as Taobao and, all kinds of rising stars have also followed this piece of sweet pastry.

Douyin recommends merchants based on traffic; Kuaishou mainly promotes its own anchors, and at the same time borrows cash red envelopes to participate in the layout of the e-commerce branch; Pinduoduo has participated in the battle early… everyone wants to compete in the industry The top spot, hopes to increase its e-commerce business record and competitiveness by adding double 11 live broadcasts.

In addition to the anchor’s early battle, announced its “Happy Shopping” campaign strategy in advance in October, and Taobao launched the “One Piece Free Shipping” campaign on October 10. Tmall simply divides Double 11 into two periods. November 1st to 3rd is the first wave and the time for the first payment of the balance. Consumers can continue to add shopping carts from the 4th to the 10th. November The 11th is the second wave of sales, which is 3 days longer than previous years.

The developers of Double 11 have extended the period of the event and the time is getting ahead. Everything is inseparable from its ancestry, all for consumption money.

In the past Double 11, the user’s consumption climax broke out on the same day. The battle line is short, the time is tight, and the logistics pressure is high, which will test the platform technology and the stress ability of the merchants. Moreover, consumers’ impulsive consumption and weakness after the cooling of enthusiasm will continue to affect the promotional activities of the Spring Festival.

▴Li Xueqin Tucao Double Eleven Discount Rules

So, e-commerce companies changed the rules of the game: The starting line was ahead, and Double Eleven became the end of the festival.

This allows platforms and businesses to have enough surplus to prepare to respond to different consumers and make timely adjustments according to the market, thereby enhancing the service experience, improving the supply chain, and decentralized delivery and delivery also ease the pressure on logistics.

The high degree of service experience can certainly attract a large influx of users. This is equivalent to providing an opportunity for e-commerce live broadcasts to do business performance, and businesses naturally have more room for development, enough to make the numbers look better.

Moreover, the tens of billions of subsidies over the years cannot satisfy the consumer group, so the platform has spent huge sums of money to distribute red envelopes in the live broadcast room and APP. For example, Tmall’s 4 billion cash red envelopes, 20 billion branded large-value coupons, and 14 million discount products are offered, twice the size of last year.

There are also content plans such as revisions and upgrades, accelerated video and personalized settings, in order to give consumers more opportunities to discover products of interest.

For the platform, why not do it.

▴Seeing dizzy double eleven discount guide

For platforms like Ali that already have private domain traffic for top anchors, the pre-launched battles and live broadcast room discounts can fundamentally increase user stickiness and supplement their live broadcast e-commerce business. The addition of Douyin and Kuaishou can divert the user base accumulated in the original short video to the newly-built e-commerce business.

Although according to the giants, this collective marketing is not forThe data looks better, at least not on the surface.

However, from 52 million in 2009 to the astronomical figure of hundreds of billions last year, “unimportant” data has grown wildly year by year, which directly reflects the strong purchasing power behind e-commerce platforms and also means that giants are enough to lead the market The right to speak.

Consumption reflects the national carnival attribute of the commercial IP of “Double Eleven”, which fundamentally connects businesses, anchors, manufacturing and supply, logistics and other industries, and even the transformation of the entire social consumption landscape.

▴Screenshot of real-time turnover on Double Eleven in 2019

E-commerce platforms have tried their best to hold users tightly. In an era of uncertainty, they all think about one thing: how to take the money in the user’s pocket into their own hands. The live broadcast of e-commerce and the extension of the time limit have impacted the wishes of consumers, stimulated their consumption potential, and concealed the merchant’s nature of changing soups and medicines.

The expansion of the overall scale is a greater chance of regaining success for small and medium brands that have been hit hard during the epidemic. The addition of live broadcast adds a bargaining chip to the future vertical development of the industry and provides consumers with more comprehensive and detailed choices. This also means feeding back the platform and expanding the possibility of live broadcast e-commerce in new areas.

In the first half of the first half of the economic weakness and insufficient consumption power, these measures will help to quickly advance the overall road to economic recovery, but these are all things to follow.

Among them, consumers who are attracted by marketing strategies, preferential policies, and anchor traffic are deeply trapped in a cycle year after year, meeting their needs, enjoying carnivals, and playing games with capital operations. , Played an indispensable role.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who is the winner.

This article is from WeChat official account:City Telescope (ID: onecity1000) , author: Pu Xiao