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You rushed to the classroom early to prepare for the morning class. (Note: Noon class in this article refers to the third major class starting at 13:30)

“I went to bed very early last night, and I didn’t feel sleepy in morning class today.” You think, “And I have a comfortable lunch for lunch.” Now you are full of energy and plan to concentrate on listening efficiently.


In addition to the first major class that starts at 8 o’clock in the morning, the afternoon class is also the object of many people in the garden “spitting out”.

China’s geographical location, traditional culture and eating habits based on carbohydrates have determined that we are a “minority” in the world who have a siesta habit, and the start time of lunch class is often the same as our accustomed siesta time Collide.

So, I believe everyone is familiar with Tsinghua’s lunch class, but what happened to some students complaining about the lunch class? Also have the sameWhat is it about learning to be fearless because it never takes a nap? Let the editor take everyone to understand it!

Understand the history of lunch class in a comprehensive way

Is the lunch class only recent, or has it been (error)? Which types of courses and which departments account for the most lunch classes? We surveyed the data of lunch classes starting from autumn 2011 to spring 2020 and found that:

In the 9 years from the fall semester of 2011 to the spring semester of 2020, the proportion of Tsinghua noon classes has shown a slight upward trend, generally between 20% and 30%, and the proportion of noon classes in the fall semester is slightly higher than that in the spring semester. .

From the fall semester of 2019 to the spring semester of 2020, Xinya College’s courses have a total of 50 afternoon classes, and the basic certification and public foreign language courses have more than 30 afternoon classes.

During the 2019~2020 academic year, 84 of the 104 classes offered by the School of Architecture, lunch classes accounted for nearly 80% of the courses opened by the department. (Curious, the students who built the college don’t sleep at night or noon, so when will they go to bed?) School of Finance, Biomedicine, Mayuan Noon The proportion of classes is also among the best.

In-depth investigation of students’ lunch class situation

What is the situation of students taking lunch class and their attitude towards lunch class? We adopted the old method of sending questionnaires and received a total of 844 questionnaire feedback.

Thank you for your support to the survey~

Engineering students occupies “half the country” of the overall classmates (full display of the characteristics of our school)

The students of each grade are basically evenly distributed

Most people have 2-3 lunch classes

Learn to understand the psychology of classmates

Reason for not taking lunch class

According to the results of the questionnaire, the habit of taking a nap, the time is too fast, and the summer afternoon is too hot, etc., all constitute resistance to taking lunch classes.

About 60% of the classmates feel that the second and third two classes are too late, and the efficiency of class in the afternoon without sleeping at noon is too low. (The questionnaire here is set to multiple choice, so the percentage exceeds 100%)

Everyone’s attitude towards the afternoon class

What’s your attitude toward lunch class?

About 70% of the students expressed their rejection of the lunch class, because it would be bad for them not to take a nap. There are also 20% of the students who said that it doesn’t matter (ノ)`ω´(ヾ), and 10% of the students have no habit of taking a nap, so the morning class is very spirited.

Regardless of whether it is a subjective attitude towards lunch class or whether to choose a course objectively, the nap habit seems to be an important factor affecting students.

Fight against the nap habit

Is there a siesta habit before going to college

Of the students who filled out the questionnaire, more than 80% had a nap before college. A small number of students chose “other” and said whether they have nap habits. “Sleep when you are sleepy, and liver when you are not sleepy.”

The proportion of male students having a nap before college is slightly higher than that of female students~

More than half of the students think that whether or not they have a siesta habit has nothing to do with the region, and mainly depends on the individual; in addition, 40% of the students think that the siesta habit is related to nature, humanities and other environments.

Nap habit after college?

University will face the test brought by Tsinghua’s lunch class in the future. 31% of students have maintained the habit of taking a nap, and 38% of studentsIt depends on the situation of the day to decide whether to sleep. In addition, nearly 20% of the students used to have a siesta habit, but later changed it due to the morning class.

Boys have always had a siesta habit more than girls.

As the grade goes up, the number of students who have been taking naps gradually increases. (Perhaps as the grade goes up, people gradually realize the importance of sleep and hair?)

work together to plan time

Since many students have the habit of taking a nap, will the lunch class starting at 13:30 bring trouble to everyone’s study and life?

80% of students chose “Yes, ITucao”. In fact, we received a total of 5,500 words of Tucao.

There are more people complaining about each grade.

The 12 liberal arts students all chose “Yes”. In addition, the proportion of medical students who want to complain is relatively high.

My Opinions on Tucao in Lunch Class

The high-frequency vocabulary that everyone complains about is “sleepy”, “not enough energy”, “tension at noon”, “low learning efficiency”, and “cannot have both eating and sleeping”.

Some students complained about the distress of taking physical education classes right after eating, doing experiments, and the canteens being crowded and unable to buy meals, so they can only eat instant noodles instead.

Some students said, “If two or three classes are connected, the teacher drags the hall, the cafeteria is crowded, or they have to go back to the dormitory to pick up things and do things, they can’t be too busy. There are not much seats left, let alone a nap.”

Of course, there are students who think that “the 13:30 class does not delay the nap, just sit on the table for ten minutes at noon”, and “because there is no nap habit, I never thought about the problem of the afternoon class.” (Good, very energetic!)

For the troubles caused by the lunch class, do you have any good solutions to share

Most people choose to “solve by willpower.” Some students also recommend drinking coffee, ordering takeaways, or going to the nearby cafeteria for a meal. (The questionnaire here is set to multiple choice, so the percentage exceeds 100%)

In addition, the high-frequency words that everyone gave are “after eating and sleeping in the classroom”, “full breakfast for lunch”, “try to avoid taking two or three classes at the same time”, “skip the lunch class(×)” and so on, some students hope that “if the lunch class can start at 14:20, there will be plenty of time.”

This article is from WeChat official account:Tsinghua University Fresh Times (ID: qingxintimes), author: Hujia Shu, editor: Huajing Yi, Zhao Jia