Once Apple “rights up” its search engine, Google is likely to lose half of its traffic.

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Google’s search business is facing antitrust investigations and partners are in trouble. Is Apple’s choice to defend or betray?

In the update to the latest version of the iPhone operating system iOS 14, Apple began to display its own search results. Users can enter queries on their home screens through Apple’s Search results Fruit Chain is connected to the website.

Apple’s actions are believed to be related to the antitrust investigation that Google is involved in.

This week, the U.S. Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. The focus of the dispute is that in order to become the default search engine for mobile devices and browsers, Google signed a A series of cooperation agreements, the largest cooperation comes from Apple.

In other words, Apple’s licensing business of Google is facing regulatory pressure, and as a partner, Apple has also been involved in this antitrust lawsuit.

At this time, accelerating the development of a self-developed search system is more like preparing a retreat in advance. AlsoSome insiders say that adding Speed ​​Research< /a> Sending a search function is a signal that Apple has launched an attack on Google’s search business.

In the search business, the relationship between Apple and Google has entered a competitive and cooperative trend in recent years.

On the one hand, Google paid a large amount to the latter in its cooperation with Apple. Analysts estimate that this cost can reach 8 billion to 120 million per year. Yimei is the core driving force of Apple’s service sector revenue growth.

On the other hand, Apple is constantly searching for its businessRecruiting troops and poached Google’s head of search John Giannandrea at a high price two and a half years ago.

The search engine market is an incremental market that Apple’s current business cannot cover, butFor Google, the loss of Apple will make its search business suffer.

According to the lawsuit, Google has covered 36% of search queries in the United States by setting Google as the default search engine for the Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad. Based on this calculation, in 2019, Apple devices accounted for nearly half of Google’s search traffic.

Once Apple “rightens” its search engine, Google’s search business will face a huge threat.

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