dead! Get revenge for me. “It made my uncle and my dad crying by the side, and they must be certain.

At this moment, Shenxian Pei suddenly got up from the ground and went out. After running for a while, everyone went out. After this god-worshipped fairy ran for a while, he stopped at a bamboo forest beside the road, and began to chop those bamboos hard with his hands, causing blood to flow in his hands. Her apprentice saw that the situation was not good, so he hurriedly followed A symbol was on her forehead, and Shenxian Pei collapsed to the ground in an instant. After a while, she was helped by someone.

After this, all the guests left that night. After that, I hid secretly behind the door, listening to my uncle and my dad smoking in front of the door of the main house.

“It seems that this is very troublesome. According to Immortal Pei, Dad is not Those who drank to death were killed by ghosts. “The uncle took a violent sip of dry cigarettes and said, then knocked the pipe on the stool.

“It looks like this is true.” It seems that it is necessary to chop down that piece of bamboo tomorrow, and then see what is hidden under it. “Father sighed and said. At that time, it was difficult at home. Grandpa was the backbone of the family. Now that the backbone is lost, everyone is very sad.

The next day, uncle and father I took a few laborers and cut down all the bamboo forest. Then I dug down a few meters with a shovel and found a coffin with a set of bones left in it. Later I learned that the cemetery was in the Republic of China. A native of the rich.