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AMD’s latest graphics card conference is going against the sky!

Some friends may not know what this sentence means. Tony will give you a brief summary:

As a technology company that develops both CPU and graphics cards, AMD has been suppressed by two giants in the industry for many years:

The CPU performance is not as good as Intel, which specializes in this, and the graphics performance is not as good as the industry leader Nvidia.

According to the book, AMD is the second in the two industries. But if it hadn’t been for this second child to sell cheaper than the other two, it might have gone bankrupt.

Speaking of graphics cards alone, as one of the most core computer components, AMD has not produced a product that can directly compete with NVIDIA for several years:

Last year’s 5700XT graphics card can only play against Nvidia’s second flagship 2070, and the previous year’s 580 graphics card can only compete with the old Huang’s dessert card 1060.

Finally, I came up with a card king Radeon 7 whose performance is the 2080 Super. As a result, the power consumption is more than twice that of others, and the price has no advantage.

Not to mention that Nvidia fully updated its graphics card product line a while ago. Compared with the previous generation product, the price of the RTX 3080 graphics card has not changed, but the performance has soared and doubled, making people feel that AMD has a long way to go.

As a result, at this moment, AMD unexpectedly made a comeback.

Specifically, AMD released a total of three products this time: RX 6800, RX 6800XT, and RX 6900XT .

Although I think the design of the new graphics card is not as good as AMD’s previous public version cards, but as the saying goes, “I am ugly, but also stronger”——

This time, the new graphics card is no longer a solemnity. Instead, all models are the most competitive products.

The performance of the RX 6800 graphics card is better than last year’s 10,000 yuan flagship RTX 2080 Ti, and its running score is the same as this year’s RTX 3070.

Even this year’s 4K masterpiece can achieve at least 60 FPS.

And the RX 6800XT graphics card is a step up, not to mention the RTX 3080 next door, the power consumption is 20W lower than the 320W of the 3080.

” NVIDIA Press Conference: I have strong performance; AMD Press Conference: I have low power consumption!”

You two are sure that you didn’t take the wrong script?

As for the last appearance of the RX 6900XT, this year’s 10,000 yuan flagship RTX 3090 will not fall behind:

Although no one has much video memory( 16 GB vs. 24 GB), but the performance of running 4K games is not bad at all.

A while ago, Tony saw a so-called “data leak” on the Internet, saying that the performance of the 6900XT is only as good as the 2080 Ti graphics card.

Now I just want to find the unlucky person who made me worry about AMD for nothing after the “leak”, and then blow his head.

However, although this year’s AMD graphics card finally beats Nvidia, the price is still conscientious:

RX 6800 is priced at 579 US dollars, which is equivalent to 3880 yuan, and will go on sale on November 18.

Although it is more expensive than 3070 US$499, 16GB of video memory is twice the 8 GB of 3070.

The 6800XT is priced at US$649, which is US$50 cheaper than the 3080 graphics card. It will be released on November 18.

The most outrageous thing is the 6900XT graphics card, which is priced at USD 999 and is priced at USD 500 cheaper than that of 3090. Shipments will begin on December 8.

Tony pointed out that 500 U.S. dollars is about 3354 yuan, if I cancel the 3090 pre-order now, and instead make an appointment for 6900XT.

Equivalent to making a one plus 8T mobile phone for nothing?

Although it is a futures, I am sorry, I am willing to wait for this futures!

In addition to absolute computing performanceIn addition, this year’s Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards finally support Microsoft’s latest DX12 ultimate graphics interface.

The human-talking version is: ray tracing, variable shader, mesh shader, these features that were only available in N cards before, and the A card is fully supported this time.

Playing games with card A this year can at least get the same effect as card N on the screen.

I have what you have, and they are cheaper than you. If you just want to spend less money on a graphics card with better gameplay, you can now go to AMD’s pre-order for new graphics cards.

However, even though it is said, there are actually some “catsies” in this press conference:

For example, a sharp-eyed friend may have discovered that this time when AMD graphics cards are playing game performance comparisons, there is a “+SMART ACCESS MEMORY” at the bottom of the chart.

This is a new technology that AMD mentioned this time: Allowing the newly released AMD CPU to directly communicate with the video memory of the new graphics card can reduce system latency and increase frame rate.

However, what is interesting is that when AMD introduced this new feature specifically, it was accompanied by a new “violent mode” (graphics card overclocking function) Introduced together.

This is another “catty”.

So Tony currently has a guess about this: In fact, the performance improvement brought by the pass-through CPU is not obvious, so it needs to be introduced together with the overclocking function of the graphics card.

But there may be some weird “requirements for bringing goods” inside, which caused AMD to bring goods for the CPU products just released a while ago at the graphics card conference.

That’s how it happened.

In addition, AMD also mentioned a new feature called Super Resolution (Super Resolution) at the press conference. Listen The name is very similar to that of Nvidia’s artificial intelligence image enhancement technology (DLSS).

However, after watching today’s press conference, he not only cancelled the 3090 pre-order, but also directly put the unopened i9 on eBay, planning to wait for AMD’s CPU and graphics card to be shipped directly into the full set.


Hey, it’s nice to have money.

This article is from WeChat official account:bad review (ID: chaping321), author: Tony