He completely sobered up, “Wang Er, you have violated the Demon Slaying Order, and now the deity will take you back to hell to be punished, and you will never stand up…” Wang Er was scared to the ground when he heard this, “Grandpa Tumo, Grandpa Tumo, don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” Wang Erlian cried out and was so scared that he was so scared that he was so frightened that suddenly, a dark figure appeared in front of Wang Er. He couldn’t see his face, and could only hear a terrifying voice. “Wang Second, you have violated the order to kill demons, and now the deity is taking you to hell to suffer,” he flew towards Wang Er, who was so scared that he yelled and burst into tears. He kept kowtow and his head was broken. He was still knocking, “Grandpa Tumo for mercy, Grandpa Tumo for mercy”, suddenly knocked down, and did not get up again, Wang Er was scared to death alive, and the Demon Slayer did not know when he disappeared.

On another dark night, the creditor who ruined Xiaofang also died. His death was extremely horrible, his face was scratched by himself, and his bones were exposed. His eyes were wide, as if he had seen something terrible,…

The villagers said that the demon slayer came to claim the life of the bad guys, and everyone worshipped out of thin air. I hope I don’t run into the Demon Slayer. In front of Xiaofang’s grave, a young man worshipped “Fang, the people who caused you are dead, you can rest in peace…” It turned out that it was Li Quan who had always been in love with him. Was the demon slayer Li Quan responsible for that night? No one knows, and no one knows. All the people who have seen the Demon Slayer are dead, and Li Quan also went with Xiaofang soon. Demon slayers only slaughter bad people. Is it a god or a ghost? Don’t guess, don’t do bad things in your life, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night, be a good person, and be safe in your life.