When the ghost heard it, he smiled and said nonchalantly: “No… don’t worry, money is not a problem, I will get the funds soon.” The ghost woke up the next day, He suddenly remembered about the funding, so he decided to go to Guizhi, the president of Mingtong Bank, to borrow from him for a period of time, and wait until the end of the year, the new year’s funding will be sent down and then refilled, because the annual fee is very abundant. Yes, the next year is a little tighter, and it can still be passed. But this idiot, he hasn’t had time to deal with him, I don’t know if he will borrow? He shouldn’t refuse him, and he can’t find other friends to help out the relationship. Just dressed and ready to go out, the subordinate rushed over last night and said in a panic: “My lord, my lord is not good.” “Why is so fussing, what happened?” The ghost said inexplicably, but his mind immediately A black cloud rose.

“My lord, it’s not good. When I just poured the last pot of oil into the oil pan, the stick supporting the oil pan suddenly broke and the pan was boiling hot. All of the oil spilled on the ground, and the fire ran into a bomb of oil. The young people tried their best to finally put out the fire, but the oil was gone. There is no funding now. There are 36 new prisoners here today. If it can’t be blown up and can’t disappear, if the judge finds out and tells the king, the king will be angry. What should I do now?” As soon as the ghost heard this, he couldn’t help taking a breath. He held on to the door and asked, “Is there any temporary remedy?” The subordinate rolled his eyes and said, “There is a way to save the emergency. I don’t know if it will work.” “Say it, say it.” Ghost eyes lit up, is there a way?

“My lord, the prisoners condemned by Hell go to the pan, and the pan is fried. We have enough of the criminal law. Those of us on the 18th floor can eat it. As long as they don’t He doesn’t care about that much. You can find the adults on the seventeenth floor and see if you can send the thirty-six prisoners to them. The seventeenth floor is up to the mountain of swords, and the prisoners are cut into pieces by sharp knives. Meat slices, it should also taste good, and our subordinates can also solve food and clothing!” Just after listening, the ghost can’t wait to find the seventeenth-floor adult Gui Chi, and after a few words of greeting, he tells his encounter When I was in trouble, I said my request in a dilemma. Gui Chi laughed as soon as he heard it, and said, “Haha, no problem, it’s not a matter of one sentence.” Gui Chi was very refreshing and agreed with one bite.

But he was worried about ghosts. He said, “Your funds will not be available until the end of the year. What are you going to do?” Guichi sighed after hearing this. I am going to ask the president of Mingtong Bank to ask him for help. But I haven’t dealt with him before, can you show me the way?” Gui Chi smiled and said, “My brother, I’m here. It’s earlier than you, but the president of Mingtong Bank has always had a bad temper. If you ask him for help directly, I think it’s a bit difficult, or I’ll write you a note, you go to Mingtong Bank and find a ghostHere, he is the secretary of the president and also a good friend of mine. You should be able to ask him for help with the note I wrote. “It’s great, thank you very much, brother.” “Ghost is very happy.

Oh, fortunately, I have settled the relationship ahead of time, and if there are troubles, there will be no trouble. Think like this Now, Guimei felt more comfortable in her heart. He took the note and hummed and quickly came to Mingtong Bank, and asked someone to find Guili. Guili took the note, and suddenly said with embarrassment: ” I’m not very quick in my work recently, and I missed a major event. Our president is getting angry. If I go to help you, I will definitely refuse it on the spot. “This…that…” Now the ghostly eyebrows are wrinkled together like two fleshy bumps. The ghostly eyes turned around and said: “Ah, let’s go, I’ll write you a note, maybe he can Help you. He is the uncle of the president. “As soon as the ghost heard it, her brows stretched out. Well, my uncle is more intimate than the secretary. This will definitely succeed.

Soon, the secretary wrote a piece of paper sprawling. Guimei left in a hurry. According to the address, he found Uncle Guichi’s house. He took out the note and showed it to the uncle president. Uncle the president walked around the house repeatedly, saying in a hoarse voice: “Don’t worry, I will help you with this favor. It’s just that my nephew doesn’t like to talk to me. It should be because of his personality. However, I will write you a personal note. You can find Gui Yao’er, my idiot lover. She is the apex of my nephew. My nephew never refuses to listen to what she says. In this way, I will write you a note, you can find her! Zhuncheng. “The ghost was very happy when she heard it.

The ghost took the note again and followed the president’s uncle’s words to find the ghost. The ghost is more black than the women in the world. Cold, beautiful locks of hair flying slightly, slender eyebrows, a pair of eyes looking for a charming, beautiful nose, jade cheeks are slightly reddish, delicate lips, white as snow, delicate and crystal clear as jade, The jade-like snowy skin is beautiful, petite, gentle and generous. The ghost looked stunned, and said in her heart: I only know that fairies are beautiful, but I never thought that there are female ghosts that can be beautiful. She took it. Holding the handed note, looked at the ghost coldly, and then said in a thin voice: “Sorry, I’m not free today, I can’t help you. Well, I know a person who is very popular here. Even the King of Hades likes him. You can find him. I will write you a note, and you will find him. By the way, what is it called? “

Gui Yaoer took out the pen and paper, thought for a while, then raised her eyebrows and said, “I remember. “Next, she quickly lowered her head, picked up the pen, started to write, and then confidently handed it to the ghost, and then went out with a bag, twisted her slender waist and plump hips. The ghost took the note, The one who laughed also followed out. Gui Yaoer locked the door and said, “Bye. “Soon disappeared, the ghost pinched the note, Wiped the sweat from his forehead, alas, it was really not easy today, I went around. Fortunately, God pays off, the person recommended by Gui Yaoer must be very good.

He confidently opened the note, ah–! He almost fainted. After all the hardships to find a relationship, he was looking for the last thing he was looking for—Ghost! It’s me. Oh, what is going on? Ghost wants to go to Mingtong Bank, but how can he be sure that he will successfully borrow funds? This amount of money is quite a lot, besides, he and the bank president are still very strange, and they have not figured out their personalities, so it might be messed up. It seems that this road will not work…

He walked on the way to the eighteenth hell with his head drooping, holding a large stack of papers, and his heart kept on. Falling down. I heard a da, da da da da, “sir, the oil in our oil pan is gone, and the money for buying oil is gone. There are still many prisoners waiting to enter the oil pan. Enter… the oil… the pan… What…”