Lack of this special vitamin.

Unfortunately, alcohol can inhibit the absorption of thiamine in the intestine. Over time, the liver is damaged and it can no longer store sufficient amounts of thiamine. Deficiency of thiamine can cause many neurological problems in alcoholics.

Symptoms of thiamine deficiency can range from mild to severe, including confusion, trance, lack of balance, pain and numbness in hands and feet, muscle weakness, increased heart rate, digestive problems, flushing, and unconscious eye movements.

Almost all alcoholics who regularly drink heavily will develop thiamine deficiency. If thiamine deficiency caused by alcoholism is found, it is certain that the liver is also damaged.

4. Signs of vascular symptoms

All alcohol consumption can cause blood vessels to dilate and cause redness in the face and hands. Over time, this will cause permanent redness. Although many alcoholics have rosacea or spider veins on their faces, this is usually benign.

However, spider hemangioma is different from rosacea or spider veins. They are round with a center point called spider nevi, which is darker in color than other parts. Spider hemangioma is a sign of liver disease and can appear in the early stages. They tend to cause more lesions.

Spider hemangioma is caused by elevated estrogen levels in the blood. When the liver is damaged, it cannot metabolize estrogen normally, causing it to accumulate in the body.

Many women who are pregnant or taking birth control pills may have some spider hemangioma. But in alcoholic liver disease, these lesions are more common, accompanied by red palms and esophageal varices.

These are the main symptoms of alcoholic liver injury in other parts besides liver symptoms. It’s important to understand this, because most of us don’t know very well about liver function.

In the early stages of liver damage, the liver itself shows no signs of pain or swelling. This is different from other organs such as the heart or stomach, where any damage will directly cause pain or symptoms.

Liver damage can cause a variety of functions to be disrupted, leading to symptoms in other parts of the body. This may explain why most people never think that there is a problem with their liver.

Unfortunately, alcoholics are rarely educated about these issues. First, this is because they usually do not disclose their drinking habits. Even if there are, these symptoms are common and complex, which makes the diagnosis and education of patients very challenging.

The purpose of writing this article is to help ordinary people understand alcoholic liver disease, so as to understand their health and treat them early.

If my father had a better understanding of his complicated symptoms before he was alive, it is hard to say whether he will change his drinking habits. but IHe believes that receiving proper education will definitely help him better understand the risks and health problems he faces.

Translator: Jane

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