Problem description: A girl, nine years old, has a little protrusion on her breasts and a small amount of secretions in her genitals. Is this normal? If you want to suppress premature development, what can be done?
Question date:2020-09-13
Patient information:Age: 9 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: If a girl develops breasts before 8 years old, or menses before 10 years old, it is precocious puberty and needs timely treatment to avoid affecting the final height.
Guidelines: Your child has just shown signs of breast development when he is 9 years old. This is normal development. You can make a bone age test for your child to predict the final height. If the child’s bone age exceeds 2 years of age in advance, adolescent development progresses rapidly, and the predicted height is not ideal, medical intervention can also be considered.
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