This story was told to me by my aunt, and it was about the supernatural and terrifying incident in the big canal in our village.

My aunt’s house has an orchard, the land is not big, just below the gate of the channel, a small gate opened next to the channel, usually a gap is opened, the water flows down to form a stream , Fish and shrimps often flow from above. My cousin and I always like to catch fish and shrimps with the children in the village.

But that place is very gloomy, and many people have died. When they died, their mouths were full of sand.

One summer night, when my aunt made a meal, I saw my aunt holding a yellow dog looking at the ground and ran into the yard in a panic, as if something was chasing him behind. After entering the yard, he changed his hands and locked the gate. He sat down on the steps under the eaves, panting with an iron face, the yellow dog’s cheeks were bulging, and his mouth was also whimpering.

Auntie hurried out and asked, what’s wrong, it’s like a ghost. Who knows that the uncle’s whole body trembled when she heard it, and suddenly raised her head to look at her.

“I…I’m so hell”

The aunt said that the aunt was full of stench and sweat. Wei, the blood-red eyes, and the frightened face made her startled. But the uncle’s trembling words really scared her at the time, and he quickly spit three saliva at the door, pulled the uncle back into the house, nervously asked what was going on?

Turning on the light, the uncle slowly relaxed a little, and still kept looking at the entrance of the courtyard, and then turned to look at the god of fire on the table. This Only relieved.

The older uncle said that in the afternoon, I went to the orchard to spray pesticides on the fruits. I was afraid of insects. When the sky was dark, I just finished the fight. I prepared my stuff and planned to go back, but the dog suddenly barked. He got up, barked frantically and uncomfortably, and stretched all the iron chains tied to the tree. The uncle was surprised and looked in the direction of the dog’s barking.

I saw a young man, wearing a black suit and black leather shoes, walking from the orchard to the canal hole.

Our village knows that there are many dead bodies, animals and more people floating down in the big water channel every year, and this water channel passes through the county seat, and the county hospital is right by the water channel. Miscarried still babies, stillbirths, and even live babies born with mutilations will be thrown into it, and dead bodies with unknown causes will flow down the river, and they will be stopped at the gate above the aunt’s orchard. The Yin Qi was so heavy that no one dared to come at noon.

The eldest uncle squatted down beside the dog, still thinking, who’s kid is so courageous, when he saw that young man walked to the side of the channel, he suddenly remembered that the young man was walking There was no sound. Under the orchard was the old riverbed. The riverbed was uneven, with lots of stones, and wearing leather shoes, how he walked likeIs this steady? Did you see the dirt?

This thought scared the old uncle in a cold sweat, clutching the bell on the dog’s neck, and shaking it clankingly, just one click, just one click, where the bell rang For a moment, the uncle watched the young man suddenly disappeared.

The eldest uncle was so scared that her soul was almost lost. He quickly untied the dog chain, took everything without taking care of it, and ran out of the orchard in a panic. Forgot to lock…

And the next day, someone found a white young man in a suit in the drain.