1. Crazy eating meat

My name is Qiu Zheng. Since the first day I went to prison, prison guards have been asking me for trouble. They came again this morning. I couldn’t help but beat one of the fiercest prison guards, and then was detained for a week.

From the confinement room, I was taken to a corridor that I had never walked before. At the end of the corridor, there was a room with “2026” written mottled.

A chill rushed from my back, and I suddenly thought of the meaning of these numbers.

2026, lunatics eat meat-339!

“I won’t go! I won’t go in!” I struggled to run out. The iron gate closed with a “boom”, and when I turned my head, 339 was lying on the bed with my eyes closed and I took a half step back subconsciously.

“I heard you gave the police officer a slap?” 339 opened his eyes, “Well done, I admire you.”

“Heh, hehe…” I don’t know how to answer, I just stand in the corner and laugh.

“I want to kill him, do you want to join?”

Murder the prison guard? Such a crazy idea can only be imagined by a madman.

It is said that he led the prisoners to a riot as soon as he entered the Black Island Prison-he was not crazy at the time, but later the riots subsided and he was kept alone in cell 2026.

And in 2026, it will be the beginning of 339 crazy enough to make people talk about tigers.

For a while, 339 liked music, so he sang day and night, annoying the prisoners in several nearby cells. One of them scolded the most fiercely, clamoring that he would kill the 339 family when he got out of the cell.

Then, during a fire drill, 339 stabbed the man to death with a toothbrush and then sucked blood from his carotid artery. Even more frightening is that during the forensic examination, the ring finger and tail finger of the deceased’s left hand could not be found. According to legend, it was eaten by 339.

So there is a legend circulating in the Black Island Prison-2026, lunatics eat meat!

339 Seeing me silently, I asked: “Are you new here? What number?” After a moment of stunned, I retracted “Qiu Zheng” from my mouth and said to him: “789 .”

From my perspective, 339 looks a little gloomy. After a long time, he said, “Is there already so many people…789.” I subconsciously said, “Just call me Qiu Zheng.”

339 suddenly raised his head and stared at him. While holding me, he stood up and walked slowly towards me.

“You, what are you going to do?” I began to regret why such a ghost came herelocal.

He turned sideways, pressed to my ear and said: “Qiu Zheng, I need you to help me-escape from prison!”