Problem description: I have been accompanied by abdominal pain after three months of pregnancy, and now I have been suffering from severe abdominal pain for more than six months, and then according to B-ultrasound, the baby is good, that is, the placenta is low and the amniotic fluid is low. What is the reason?
Date of problem:2020-09-14
Patient information:Age: 21 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: Hello, from the description of this situation, there has been a certain relationship between abdominal pain and low placenta. In severe cases, vaginal bleeding may occur.
Guide suggestion: It is recommended to take more rest and avoid standing and exercising for a long time. Generally, as the months increase, the placenta position can grow upward. A pregnancy check can be done to avoid fatigue. If there is no bleeding in the follow-up, the pregnancy can be passed safely.
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