My name is Lian Qing, and I was locked in a dark room with only one floor-to-ceiling window. Here, I don’t know how long time has passed, there is no sunrise and starry sky, and I am alone.


Waner and Xiangwen are shopping. Wan’er seemed to be very interested in all kinds of food. Her mobile phone kept taking pictures of those foods, a not-so-long food street, and she walked for two hours in a daze. Wan’er took a photo of the special food in every store in the food street.

When Xiangwen first started dating Wan’er, his interest in shooting made Xiangwen feel that this girl was quite cute. What’s more, Wan’er looks fresh and refined, small and exquisite. Unlike other girls, she has long hair with fluttering bangs and red high heels on her feet. It looks weird, since you are a student, why dress yourself up as a woman.

But over time, Xiangwen became disgusted. Originally planned to discuss with her parents and decided to marry Wan’er, but now it seems completely unnecessary.

“Photographs are not allowed in this shop!” The staff in the gourmet shop said to Wan’er with a strong attitude.

“One shot will not lose a piece of meat.” Wan’er took the phone and insisted on taking the shot.

The two were arguing with each other, and Wan’er hadn’t considered Xiangwen’s face already gloomy.

Xiangwen walked out with a bad face. Seeing this, Wan’er coldly snorted to the staff in the store, “Stingy, don’t come here to eat next time.” Then followed Xiangwen.

“Why don’t you speak for me?”

Xiangwen was a little impatient, “Are you here to eat or take pictures?” You come to take pictures in other people’s stores, and you don’t want to eat anything. Why are you so thick-skinned, why do others take pictures of you.” Looking at Wan’er who is still beautiful and pure at this time, how could there be such a shrewd side.

“Don’t you just take a shot? What’s the matter, it won’t take a few minutes.” Wan’er eloquently refuted Xiangwen’s words. She was so angry that she just talked to the clerk. Noisy, now come to fight with him again.

“I can’t stand you anymore, let’s break up.” Xiangwen didn’t want to quarrel with her. There were already some passers-by standing there watching jokes.

Seeing Xiangwen walking away from her back, Wan’er’s grievances flowed down, and she shouted, “You don’t mean that no matter how capricious I am, you will tolerate and never leave. Me? Men’s words don’t count.”

When Xiangwen heard this, he didn’t look back. If she does not correct this problem, then there is no need to continue dating.

Wan’er returned home and took out a black-and-white photo from under the bed. The man in the photo was smiling softly and with beautiful eyes. Waner’s gentle caressThe state can enjoy the delicacy of the world.


“Lianqing would you miss me? Would you blame me for making you fall down a tall building.” Wan’er thought Guilt. Falling in love with a human being, this is spurned in the fairy tale world. She secretly ran out of the fairy tale to experience the real life in the world, learned to work and get along with people, and then luckily met Lian Qing.

She, who was originally kind, took the first step in evil after killing the first person.

Wan’er put down the photo and covered it with a black cloth. I called Xiangwen, “I was wrong…”

After Xiangwen came to Wan’er’s home, Wan’er quickly took the broom and hit Xiangwen’s back with a The human-shaped shadow swayed out of Xiangwen’s body, and then returned to his body.

Seeing this, Wan’er stepped up and patted, the shadow swayed faster and faster, and swayed more and more. With the final blow, the shadow fell out of Xiangwen’s body.

Xiangwen’s body fell. When Xiangwen’s soul saw Wan’er looking at him with piercing eyes, he instinctively sensed danger, got up from the ground and stepped back.

Waner casually picked up the black and white photo from the bed, and slammed it against the floor.

Xiangwen is a little inexplicable in this way. Looking at her body, she hated Wan’er more in her heart. He tried to return to his body, but he always passed through, and the body actually refused his intrusion.

“Don’t try to escape, I am under the barrier in this room.” Wan’er glanced at Xiangwen lightly.

At this glance, Xiangwen saw Wan’er’s wrinkled face, pointed and long nose, and her original plump white skin, but now her face is dry and yellowish. “You…what kind of monster are you?” Xiangwen showed fear.

Wan’er looked back suspiciously and saw that Lian Qing had struggled out of the photo, just as handsome and handsome as before. “Wan’er?! What’s wrong with you?”

“Lian Qing.” When Wan’er’s old, shrill voice spoke, she frightened herself first.

“Why, how could this be?” Wan’er touched her skin, her skin no longer delicate. Wan’er found a mirror in the room. Through the mirror, she saw her true face. She let out a stern roar, and many items in the room burst in this roar.

The mirror also fell to pieces.

After a while, Wan’er calmed down, transformed into a witch in a fairy tale, but just like an evil witch, wearing a black cloak, a black pointed hat, and a broom. Lost her weapon.

“Lian Qing, occupy his bodyBody, you can become a human being, I will take you to a fairy tale, a happy life. “Wan’er looked at Xiangwen’s soul with greed in her eyes, “And you, will be my medicine, and I will stay young forever. Hey~”

“Wan’er, I don’t care about looks, so don’t hurt people anymore. You used to be kind and simple, that’s why it attracted my attention and pursuit. Lian Qing looked at Wan’er sincerely.

“Huh, who betrayed me back then and took other girls on a date.” “Now Wan’er is very vengeful. She hit Lian Qing with a broom.

Lian Qing was beaten off guard and screamed, “Wan’er, listen to me, then It’s my sister, I want to give you a gift, and my sister’s body shape is similar to yours, I will take her to try it on. “

And at this moment, Xiangwen rushed to Wan’er regardless of the consequences, desperately!

After Lian Qing saw it, he quickly stopped Wan’er. In front of her, Xiangwen’s attack was blocked.

And Waner had a foreboding that Xiangwen might do something, so she picked up the broom and hit Xiangwen with all her strength. . But she didn’t expect that Lian Qing would do his best to protect her. For her, Xiang Wen’s attack was insignificant. The reason for her full strength was to let him fly away and let Lian Qing take possession of his body.

The double blow, the heaviest attack came after him, his lover. Lian Qing’s soul slowly dissipated from the soles of his feet.

“No. “Wan’er threw away the broom with heartache, holding Lian Qing, drops of tears like raindrops, slapping the ground.

“Will you restore your goodness? Lian Qing smiled softly.

“Good, good, good. If you do it again, I will not make you jump off the building just to let you stay with me forever, never. You are waiting for me, I will accompany you immediately, never return to fairy tales. “Wan’er’s tears fell into Lian Qing’s eyes ticking, and they flowed down with Lian Qing’s tears.

Wan’er really repented. After saying this, She returned to her beautiful appearance, but her body ignited a green flame.

“Xiangwen, your vitality has not been completely cut off, hurry back to your body . “In the last sentence, Wan’er hugged Lian Qing and disappeared into the world, and the room suddenly ignited a raging fire.

Xiangwen returned to her body and escaped and reported. Police and firefighters rushed to put out the fire quickly.

The witch in the fairy tale will also fall in love with the world and linger in love. Xu is the first time in love, giving all his heart, seeing the lover and others close, When the misunderstanding occurred, he took extreme measures to keep his lover by his side…